Thursday 27 April 2017

Maria Zakharova responds to western journalist

Newsweek troll left speechless by Russia's Maria Zakharova

Newsweek’s biggest troll on the subject of Russia and Ukraine, Owen Matthews, was joined in the studio of a Russian TV show by Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson. The subject at hand was the inadmissibility of Western propaganda, as it pertains to Russian Foreign policy – but Freudian slips can be a real menace! Matthews, several times and unbeknownst to himself, stated that Western mainstream media does in deed partake in propaganda against the Russian Federation. Skilfully, Maria pinpoints where he went wrong.

One irony of the situation is that Matthews, working from his Moscow bureau, is probably on triple the salary of his RT counterparts. Imagine if RT employees in Washington, received 3 times the standard industry salary? That would all be part of “Putin’s propaganda machine” surely.

US and Western corporate media are only “non-governmental” in name, but receive funds from moneyed interests ("corporate") as well as “non-governmental” agencies, funded in the end by none other than US taxpayers via USAID.

Therefore, just because one has a ‘middle man company sponsor’ to cover for it, does not mean that the news source is not government sponsored or linked to official foreign policy interest. RT and Sputnik do not hide behind a manipulative fa├žade and state their sources of funding openly – it’s the Western viewer that seems to be duped the most.

PS- when was the last time a US political show hosted a pro-Russian candidate?

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