Sunday, 23 April 2017

Syria - 04/22/2017

US Coalition Knocking on Syria's Southern Border

Seems almost like a dream, how did the US get so involved in the Middle East that has brought this region of the world to near ruins, and is on course for a global conflict. Seems under President Reagan things were going pretty good for the average US citizen. 

Vietnam was two decades behind us and even though we had a cold war it was relatively peaceful. But the plot to topple Syria's government was already on the play books then, of course Hafez al-Assad was constantly at odds with Israel. But Hafez died his son Bashar al-Assad took his place and even though Israel finally has some peace with Syria the agenda to topple the leadership stayed on the CIA's hit list. 

Now the US is well positioned with their allies and the rebels and different fighting factions have weakened the nation to make their job far easier. 

Years have planning have strategically placed all the forces in position all that was needed was a false flag to justify this new invasion. 

The April 4th 2017 Sarin gas attack seems to have been just what was needed to galvanize public opinion.


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