Thursday, 13 April 2017 North Korea will meet U.S. With nuclear strike

We stand on the edge of nuclear conflagaration and there is absolute silence from New Zealand media – not for little hobbits.
North Korea Evacuates Capital Anticapation of US Strike

Kim Jung Un has ordered the evacuation 600,000 citizens from the capital of Pyongyang. Igor Korotchenko is the editor and chief of the National Defense Journal he seems to think the US may use a Nuclear strike on the capital or up to 600 Tomahawk cruise Missiles over whelming North Korea's response capabilities.

Igor Korotchenko: North Korea will meet U.S. With nuclear strike
Лидер Северной Кореи отдал приказ, согласно которому 25 процентов жителей столицы КНДР должны срочно покинуть Пхеньян. То есть 600 тысяч человек должны быть срочно эвакуированы.

11 April, 2017

What is the reason and really if something threatens North Korea? With these questions, "However.Ru" has addressed for the comment to editor-in-chief of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko:

Close to North Korea at a faster pace increasing the grouping of the U.S. Navy. It includes several (at least one for sure) submarines, each of which can carry 154 cruise missiles of type "Tomahawk".

Accordingly, two or three such boats can be in addition to the existing missile capabilities of the American fighting ships of the very serious threats of launching military action against North Korea through simultaneous, large-scale strike, involving several hundred cruise missiles "Tomahawk". The American fleet only four submarines are boats of the Ohio-class converted to a missile. If they are involved they will be running over 600 cruise missiles.

It is clear that the air defence of North Korea will not be able simultaneously to reflect this massive attack from several directions with so many "Tomahawks". 

Imagine the blow will be dealt and the vast majority of these cruise missiles will reach their targets.

The question is in response to North Korea and is prepared whether it is to these actions. The DPRK has already in advance can be placed somewhere on some platforms, carriers of nuclear explosive devices.

Will the Americans, simultaneously struck, completely destroying the potential of North Korea, including in terms of media delivery of nuclear warheads or not? 

After all, a retaliatory strike that will cause North Korea, for example, on American troops, is only a nuclear strike. And what then happens? The third world war? On the use of the North Korea nuclear weapons the United States definitely will also respond with a nuclear strike.

By the way, North Korea can strike Japan. It can strike at South Korea. But if North Korea will launch missiles at Japan, they will be intercepted. Because there is a trajectory plus distance and Americans will be able, perhaps together with the Japanese to intercept these missiles. But South Korea, where the distance is several hundred kilometers, the question here is: will intercept or not. Maybe, you'll catch up, maybe not. Maybe the North Koreans will just pull the barge somewhere and blow up somewhere in the vicinity of South Korea, we don't know. In General, an unpredictable scenario.

I am confident that the risk of military-political confrontation very strong. The world is just really on the brink of world war III.

It is important to understand that even inflicting massive strike with cruise missiles on North Korea, it is impossible to destroy all of its military capabilities. North Korea may deploy land offensive. That is, could lead to a massive land war on the Korean Peninsula.

The factor of nuclear weapons must also be considered. Maybe they have a hidden weapon, which is a kind of task force, subordinate to personally Kim Chen Ynu, after the first shock of Americans will be able somehow to activate, probably by penetrating into South Korean territory. Special forces of North Korea are perfectly trained to conduct sabotage and terrorist acts.

Can't trump not to understand this... What's happening?

From trump can expect anything today. Therefore, to exclude any actions I would not. Chance — fifty-fifty.

The timing may have something to say when this apocalyptic scenario could happen? According to media reports, the American submarine expected to arrive in port on 18 April...

Missile strikes not from the ports. The missile never notify you when they arrive. They are secretly under the water, swam to the distance of the trigger, awaiting the team at the start. Therefore, what is reported, not a fact. Perhaps this is the event of misinformation, and in fact, submarines are already deployed and ready to strike, which can occur at any time after the adoption of the trump of the appropriate political solution.

We will remind, yesterday the President of Academy of geopolitical problems, the President of the International center for geopolitical analysis, doctor of historical Sciences, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov said in an interview with "the Truth.Ru""I fear that in connection with the visit of U.S. Secretary of state they can go for a second shot. In the presence of XI Jinping, President of China, they struck the first blow. Now, I'm afraid, while Secretary of state here, they can cause a second shot — and again at Syria, or North Korea, for example. Cause — to show his superiority. They desperately need now is a decisive military superiority over us, including the political. On economic I do not say".

It seems that around North Korea, the United States make its next show, the big game, is the overt bargaining with Russia in the light of the visit to Moscow by U.S. Secretary of state... the Question is counted if the damage from this game to the world and consider whether they are the most damage as they like to say, "unacceptable", and most importantly — for anyone!

North Korea Tells Foreign Journalist to Prepare for Big Event

May or not be a big deal North Korea telling Journalist to prepare for a big event on the 105th anniversary of "The Day of the Sun" but with tensions rising between North Korea ad the United States anything could happen.
Foreign Minister Lavrov meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a frank but cooling of heads meeting.

SEOUL - Foreign journalists visiting North Korea have been told to prepare for a "big and important event" on Thursday, although there were no indications it was directly linked to tensions in the region over the isolated state's nuclear weapons program.

Today, US enhances combat readiness at Kadena Air Base, Japan (20x F-15 Eagles + some E-3, KC-135, HH-60) 📷

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