Wednesday 24 February 2016


FAIL: Turkey’s Support for Terrorism Causes Huge ‘Unexpected’ Decline in Tourism

How this decline could have been ‘unexpected’ boggles the mind.

Watch a video of this report here:

Turkey has reported what it has called an ‘unexpected’ decline in its tourism industry, particularly from Russian national.

Turkish PM Davutoglu said:

We believe Russian tourists will start coming back to Turkey.”

The sharp, and supposedly ‘unexpected’, decline occurred after an increase in political and military tensions between Ankara and Moscow, which were obviously initiated when Turkey thought it would be a great idea to shoot down a Russian fighter jet without any warning at all.

After the incident, Russia imposed economic sanctions on Turkey, banned charter flights between Russia and Turkey, and Russia’s travel industry watchdog recommended all national agencies to stop selling tours to Turkey.

More recently, Turkey has refused to allow Russian, anti-terror surveillance flights near its border and Moscow has accused the Turks of preparing to invade the sovereign state of Syria.

RT reports that, ‘Turkey’s top resorts were left practically empty due to a dramatic decline in the number of Russian tourists’, because the country ‘has been the Russian people’s number 1 foreign tourist destination for many years’.

Furthermore, TUI, the world’s largest tour operator, reported a massive 40% drop in summer holiday bookings to Turkey.

British tour operator Thomas Cook revealed that it has switched 400,000 seats from Turkey to Spain, as Brits decide they would rather top up their tan in safer climes.

Unfortunately for Turkey, tourism funds over half of the nation’s deficit.

Turkey’s apparent support for terrorism has even led to the rise of boycott campaigns against the nation, so it should absolutely be expected that people do not believe they will be safe in Turkey.

Do you think hitting Turkey economically will force a change in their violent foreign policy?

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