Tuesday 23 February 2016

Facebook blocks (and unblocks) photo of Turkish and ISIS flags flying together

NATO Photobombs ISIS: Turkish Flag Now Waving Proudly Next to ISIS Banner in Syria

A picture tells a thousand words...


UPDATE: Facebook has blocked the below photograph of a Turkish flag next to an ISIS banner in Syria. Unbelievable:

We tried changing the file name to unicorns.png. No luck yet... Please share on Facebook using this TinyURL:http://tinyurl.com/jtrow8a

We will spare our readers the laundry list of evidence linking Turkey to ISIS — that's what Google is for (aside from spying on you). Besides, sometimes pictures speak louder than words.
Facebook is trying to block this photo.
Facebook is trying to block this photo.

Yes, that's the proud Turkish crescent next to an ISIS head-chopping flag. Could anything be more appropriate? (Ukrainian neo-Nazisposing with a NATO flag?)

NATO is the world's largest terrorist organization

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