Wednesday 27 March 2013

Earth split in Brazil

Officials investigate cause behind massive earth-split in Brazil

March 26, 2013 – BRAZIL – 
The cause of massive land collapse in Brazil is being investigated.
The prosecutor Douglas Roberto Ribeiro de Magalhaes Chegury is investigating the cause of environmental disasters in the cities of Santo Domingo and Campos Belos, Goias in the Northeast. Since yesterday (14/3), surveys are being carried out by the technical-skills expert prosecutors in places, where geological disasters, were generated by the collapse of land.
This information will educate the public civil inquiries, which will proceed through the Prosecutor’s Office and Justice of São Domingos Campos Belos to liability for damages. According to Chegury, in early February, shortly after becoming aware of the environmental disaster in the Serra Geral, which divides the states of Goiás, Tocantins and Bahia; the civil investigation was initiated due to public outcry.
The prosecutor has even visited the disaster site, and collected samples of water and land that could be contaminated with chemicals and pesticides.
With the collapse, the flood of mud, stones and earth opened up a crater approximately 7 km, running almost 200 meters to the east of the Mosquito River, a major Northeastern Goiás and Tocantins Southeast.
The prosecutor also informed the public that another investigation was initiated in Santo Domingo for determining liability for any environmental damage over the Serra Geral, similar to what happened in Upper Landing.
On site, there was a landslide that hit the east of the São Vicente, which passes Terra Ronca State Park; the most extensive areas of environmental preservation of Goiás, with approximately 60 000 hectares, endangering fish species endangering the Sao Vicente cave complex.
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