Saturday 24 December 2011

The "Trio of Evil:

This is a really excellent interview which throws a lot of light on US policy - not only towards Iran, but also Venzeuela - and the ridicullous links that are being made between the two.
Comments from Muike Ruppert:
A really excellent interview with Ava Golinger. I met her when I was in  my brief exile in Venezuela in 2006 and did an interview with her on Venezuelan state radio. She wrote an amazing book called The Chavez Code in which she meticulously deconstructed a Bush/CIA coup attempt in 2002. Now, the right in America is pandering absolutely ludicrous claims that Iran and Venezuela are training terrorists in Mexico to attack the U.S... I think most of even the dumbest Americans can see right through this. But it is evidence that a full-court propaganda press is on. Just like it was before we invaded Iraq. -- MCR

Eva Golinger Blasts BS Stupid Anti-Iran Propaganda on RT

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