Wednesday 28 December 2011

Mike Ruppert interviewed today

Michael C. Ruppert appears on The Joe Rogan Experience today

Today, December 27, 2011, Michael C. Ruppert traveled to Los Angeles to participate in a podcast interview with Joe Rogan on his show, The Joe Rogan Experience. As promised, Mike was on his game and held no punches back while discussing collapse, the economic meltdown, peak oil, 9-11, and the CIA and drugs. The candor and chemistry between Joe Rogan and Mike was fluid and open, making the 188 minute interview seem like 20 minutes. 

For those that were unable to catch the podcast live, we have included it below. Click here for Joe Rogan’s website for information and other episodes. This is definitely a must listen. – JB, Supervising Editor

For those of us,outside the US, who don’t know who Joe Rogan is, a Widikpedia article is available HERE

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