Monday 26 December 2011

Another threat to health and freedom?

Smart Meters

About a week ago we received a phone call from our electricity company to say they were going to replace our electicity meter (the old analogue type)
We didn’t think twice about this until we saw this article on Collapse Net
PG&E restores power to SmartMeter protesters
17 December, 2011

"Moving to end an embarrassing standoff, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. on Friday said it would restore power to a small group of customers who had removed their new SmartMeters out of fear the wireless devices were making them ill.

"The decision affects roughly a half-dozen PG&E customers, most in Santa Cruz County, who paid electricians to replace the SmartMeters with more traditional, analog models. PG&E cut off their power in a bid to deter others from following suit.

"At first, the utility insisted it would restore electricity only if those people agreed to let PG&E install another SmartMeter. On Thursday, the company offered a second option, saying customers could also choose a digital meter that lacked a wireless transmitter. But some of the SmartMeter opponents still held out, saying the digital meters contained a power-switching device that produced its own harmful emissions".

It appears that there are widespread concerns about the health effects of these meters that revolve around constant exposure to  harmful electromagnetic radiation that has made people unwell.  In addition, these meters provide a method for electricity supply companies to be able to exercise complete control over the provision of electricity in real time.
“A smart grid will put into place “digitally controlled devices that can alter the nature of the electrical load (giving the electric company the ability to turn off appliances in your home if they see fit.”

“If you are using too much electricity, the kill switch is there to make sure that you are in compliance with mandated electrical usage. If you are trying to grow food, and your electrical consumption is high because of it, you can be cut off. No electricity means no water. No water means no crops. This is a total control grid.

“Unlike traditional electric meters that merely record power use – and then must be read in-person once a month by a meter reader – Smart Meters measure consumption in real time. By being networked to computers in electric utilities, the new meters can signal people or their appliances to take certain actions, such as reducing power usage when electricity prices spike…”

The other concern is the undemocratic way in which this is being introduced - viz the threat to cut off supply to those who refuse to use the new meters.
The propaganda supplied by Genesis Energy, plugging the "benefits” while remaining silent about the health concerns is AVAILABLE HERE
I will certainly be paying more attention to this and cancelling,or at least postponing the visit from the installer.

If anyone has any more information or comments I would be happy to hear.

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