Friday 23 December 2011

New Zealand: Nelson Floods

Im sure that he won’t mind, but I am reproducing Ted Howard’s response to Chris Martenson’s recent article

2008? That was just an opening whimper by the fat lady, she's workin' up to start bellowing quite soon, and then we'll all (excuse me for swearing, that is the "civilised") will know that present game is over...

No this is not a species problem, a human nature problem, a humanity problem. Remnant indigenous folks have been pointing out for a very long time that the problem is our insane culture. It's pathologically, suicidally insane.

Peak Everything, 6th Mass Extinction and Global Weirding is coming togeather to wack us "civilised" around the head to wake up...change or join the die-off...

And here in Nelson, New Zealand? We just got hit with a wet weather bomb, highest rainfall ever in an urban area, 10's or millions of $ damage, and still a bunch of vocal locals who deny anything is changing in climate...
Nelson flood gallery

To see photos GO HERE

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