Friday 23 December 2011

Correction to story about Iran missile strike

A few days ago I reported about the bombing of an Iranian village by US missiles. This report was carried in the British Daily Mail.

It turns out that this report was not totally accurate as it turned out.
UPDATE: - Report Claiming U.S. Missiles 'hit Iranian village' actually from 2003
 22 December, 2011

The Daily Mail released a story from 2003 as a new report, there is no current strike on Iran.

(LONDON) - We have determined that the following story was carried in error by the Daily Mail in the UK. It is a 2003 report that was somehow recycled, we presented the material as unconfirmed, we now confirm that the information is carried in error.

The report indicated that a pair of U.S. missiles had hit a target in Iran and that the source was the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

A scan of their English site did not reveal the information and that was setting off alarms, however there have been plenty of cases in the past where news is carried in Arabic and other languages and simply not carried on the English versions of their news Websites.

We are in an age when Iran is continually threatened by Israel and the United States, and propaganda about the country's ambitions, which are almost always extremely out of context with Iranian media, call perpetually for action against Iran.

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