Saturday 24 December 2011

Ring the White House!

Americans to Obama: Veto NDAA, White House phones jammed

President has until December 26 to act on NDAA FY2012

White House phones are said to be jammed today by American rights defenders, including Ron Paul, express outrage of pending martial law by the National Defence Authorization Act 2012 sitting on President Barack Obama's desk as The Bill of Rights Defense Committee Executive Director Shahid Buttar advises that the president only has until December 26 to sign or veto the bill and urges the public to contact the president and demand he veto the NDAA FY2012.

"Call the White House at (202) 456-1414 and demand that President Obama veto the NDAA," Director of Bill of Rights Defense Committee Executive Director Shaid Buttar stated today in a written statement.

Presidential Candidate, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul stated today about the bill that strips Americans' rights, "This is a giant step -- this should be the biggest news going on right now -- literally legalizing martial law."

LA Times reports Dr. Paul added that, despite the topic's importance, the subject has never been discussed at any of the Republican presidential debates.

Explaining the extremism of the bill that  Dr. Paul said:

"In other words, the military could arrest any American citizen suspected of being a domestic terrorist and throw them into a military prison indefinitely. Beyond being incredibly inhumane, this section of the bill violates a citizen's Sixth Amendment right to counsel, and also ignores the Miranda process that informs criminal suspects of their rights while in police custody."
Buttar at BORDC clarified as Dr. Paul and other human rights defenders have been doing over past months and more so since Congress sailed the bill through to the president to sign, "By giving Obama and any future president the power to imprison anyone indefinitely and without trial on the basis of accusation—even without proof—of a 'belligerent act,' the NDAA is a direct assault on the Bill of Rights." 

"President Obama has until December 26 to either sign or veto the bill, but he hasn’t taken any action yet.

"Time is running out, but you can still make a difference."

Authors of NDAA FY 2012, Congressmen John McCain and Carl Levin have supported "an afront on the U.S. Constitution," ACLU said last month in a written statement 

Since then, the NDAA Bill 2012 to enact martial law in the United States has been fast-tracked through both the Senate and House of Representatives last week, both approving it with little opposition.

Congressmen including Dennis Kucinich, Al Franken and Ron Paul have strongly opposed the bill.

The White House made an official annoucement last week that President Obama would sign the bill into law but he was then said to be in discussions over it.

The bill, that also permits the Pentagon to wage cyberwars on "domestic enemies of the state is a serious violation of First Amendment human and civil rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of the press," says LA Times Tuesday.

Should the bill become a law, it is a direct threat to whistleblowers of government and corporate corruption, journalists attemtping to report high-level corruption, and could potentially hinder both Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party campaigns.

Last week, the world's largest human rights group updated its explanation of the bill's inclusion of targeted killings.

Nevertheless, BORDC urges today, "Defend the Constitution." 

"Call (202) 456-1414 now and tell President Obama that We the People are counting on him to veto this un-American law."

Some callers have said today the White House line is jammed. Others say they waited up to fifteen miniutes only to then be disconnected.

Some say that the 202-1111 number workes better.

Others say a sure way to demand a veto of the NDAA 2012 is to use the link for submitting email comments to the White House,

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