Thursday, 18 February 2016

Deonstructing the migrant crisis in Europe

Korybko on Migrant Crisis: ‘Strategically engineered, weapons of mass migration’

Not a minute goes by in the West without hearing some politician, or loud-mouthed media pundit claiming to know or understand something about the current hot-button issue of refugees. The reality is, they know nothing.

Sunday Wire host Patrick Henningsen spoke to Sputnik News columnist Andrew Korybko about Europe’s ever-developing ‘Migrant Crisis’ and its full spectrum geopolitical implications. Korybko:

This is something that has been strategically engineered, and it is most certainly a byproduct, first and foremost, of the US’s unipolar hegemonic wars on the Middle East and North Africa.”

The amount of destruction that has resulted from these wars has created the on the ground circumstances and conditions to actually provoke this large scale human migration.”
This is GLADIO 2.0…”

You can read Andrew’s latest column on the migrant crisis, where he writes about how Turkey’s Erdogan is “flooding the West with Islamist-sympathizing individuals that can act as a fifth column of support for his expansionist policy of Neo-Ottomanism.” 

Listen to the full interview with Andrew Korybko below:

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