Tuesday 21 April 2020

TruNews on the oil price collapse and coronavirus

All the signs point to war.

Oil Alamo: Corona Collapse of Texas Oil Sends Price Below Zero

Listen to "Oil Alamo: Corona Collapse of Texas Oil Sends Price Below Zero" on Spreaker.

Today on TruNews we discuss the historic crude Pearl Harbor and how the Nixon-Kissinger petrodollar, as well as the leadership of Saudi Arabia, may not survive in the post-pandemic world order if found guilty of waging economic war against America. 

We also discuss the rising voices, now including President Trump, who demand answers and “consequences” for the $3.7 million sent by Dr. Fauci’s NIH to the communist bat bioweapons lab in Wuhan. 

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall. Airdate: 04/20/20

Watch the podcast HERE

They are saying that this is an attack on Texas and the Saudis are flooding the US market at the very time when there is no demand

The Saudis have been on the hunt for bargain assets such as Carnival, the cruise liner business.

AG Barr, it turns out was the attorney for the Bushes who are deeply involved with the Saudis, the Bin Ladens and 9/11.

This was a headline from the weekend - the owner hid hundreds of millions of losses from HSBC which is already under threat.

The rich and famous are activating their plans to bug out and take shelter in bunkers. We do not want them down here in New Zealand!

This article highlights plans to build a secret super command bunker 3,500 feet under Washington DC. Are they preparing for war.

Dr. Fauci, who probably has connections with the Wuhan lab is pouring cold water on the idea the coronavirus came from there. Is he part of a fifth column?

This Iranian TV channel is quoting China's official Arabic-language TV to say the coronavirus originated in America.

On the one hand we have this CNN article floating the banning of customers from grocery stores..

....while we have driverless, Chinese cars delivering food to customers.  Want to live in such a world?

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