Thursday 23 April 2020

A slip of the lips that could overthrow the Deep State?

White House journalists: 

“We've all been vaccinated 


This is the audio of the moment when two members of the White House press corps are caught revealing something that should not have been released.

Hal Turner spent the first hour of his show discussing it and I must say I would find it difficult to avoid coming to the same conclusions.

The only media that I am am aware that has covered this is the Daily Mail and they call it a 'joke'.

Have another listen and see if you think this was a joke.

Here is a bio of the photographer, Doug Mills.

Doug Mills has worked as a photographer in the Washington bureau of The New York Times since 2002. Previously, Mr. Mills served for 15 years as chief photographer for The Associated Press in Washington. He joined The A.P. after working for four years in the Washington bureau of United Press International.
Mr. Mills won a Pulitzer Prize for photography in 1993 with The A.P. for team coverage of the Clinton/Gore campaign and won a second Pulitzer Prize for photography with The A.P. for its team investigative coverage of the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. Mr. Mills has also won numerous awards in the White House News Photographers Association.

This is a repost of the piece I did a week or so ago on the vaccine that was designed to switch off the "God gene" 

Despite the facts this is, no doubt all a "conspiracy theory" (sic)!

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