Thursday 30 April 2020

TruNews makes the case against Dr. Fauci

Fire Fauci! Trump Coronavirus Advisor Approved $7.4 million Funding to Wuhan Lab

This is the clearest interview that I have heard whistleblower, Dr. Judy Mikovits give where she lays out clearly her case against Dr. Fauci.

On one occasion she was bullied by Fauci and Dr. Robert Gallo to try and get her to make a paper available to them so they could get it removed so they could take the credit for the isolation of the HIV virus. She did not back down.

On the other occasion she and her boss, Frank Ruscetti, who seems to have been whited out from the historical record, had isolated a retrovirus which was implicated in not only HIV/AIDS but ME/CFS as well. Once again Dr Mikovits refused to cover up her data and after an attempt on her life was arrested and held illegally in jail for 5 days being told that if she recanted she could get her research work back.

Once again she refused.

The long-and-short of it is that we have what is basically a Mafia gang playing God trying to cover up wbhat should be the greatest medical scandal of modern times.

We also have a retrovirus, not a coronavirus, which is sitting as a latent timebomb ready to explode and take out target populations.

Listen to "Fire Fauci! Trump Coronavirus Advisor Approved $7.4 million Funding to Wuhan Lab" on Spreaker.

Watch the podcast HERE

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