Thursday 16 April 2020

The Richie Allen Radio Show

Richie Allen interviews Spiro Skouras

Richie is joined by Spiro Skouras and Catherine Blaiklock. Spiro is an accomplished journalist and broadcaster. You can find him at Spiro has been following the movements of billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates. Gates has been everywhere during the covid-19 crisis and telling anyone who will listen, that everyone on the planet needs to take a vaccine for covid, when it is ready. Who is Gates really? Don't miss this. Catherine Blaiklock is a successful businesswoman and the founder of The Brexit Party. Catherine actually served as the party's first leader. Catherine discusses the financial implications of the covid-19 lockdown, the press coverage of it, the authoritarian approach of some police officers and free speech in 21st century Britain.

Richie Allen interviews Paul Craig Roberts

Richie is joined by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and John Kitson. Paul Craig Roberts is a journalist, author and former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. Paul has been looking into whether or not Covid-19 is a bio-weapon that may have been part funded by the US government. Do not miss this. In an extended interview, Paul also explains why he believes that billionaire Bill Gates plan to vaccinate the planet is insane. Paul is in top form here. John Kitson is a citizen journalist, former political candidate and the man behind John discusses news that mobile phone masts have been vandalised by anti-5g campaigners. He also shares his thoughts on claims that 5G is partly responsible for making people ill during the coronavirus pandemic.

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