Thursday 16 April 2020

Chris Martenson on coronavirus - 13 April, 2020

The Coronavirus Is Even More Dangerous Than Previously Thought


WATCH THE 2-MIN TRAILER of Chris interviewing Matt Taibbi to understand why the coronavirus is worsening the "Unfairness" economy we're living in: Man, the more we learn about the honey badger virus (covid-19), the more we realize what a beast it truly is. Yesterday's video went into the damage the virus does to the lungs. It's also becoming clear covid-19 also injures the heart, kidneys, nervous & circulatory systems, intestines and liver. Again, you do NOT want to get this if you can avoid it. We are also seeing that it's a hard foe to defeat. In a growing number of 'best case' countries, when lockdowns are lifted, they're having to be quickly re-instated as new outbreak blooms occur. Meanwhile, the damage covid-19 is doing to the global economy is becoming increasingly clear - and grim. Demand has fallen by record amounts, the banking system is looking shaky, and food security is now becoming a concern. The latter speaks to why we have been advocating for weeks now that you get busy starting or expanding your garden: Video Link References: UK Deaths NY Extra deaths Relaxing Stay at home Singapore Relaxing – China edition Damage more widespread Mfg decline Insufficient Bank Loan loss Reserves Ivermectin Meat: Supply Chain

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