Monday 20 April 2020

German Bild newspaper Accuses Beijing Of "Exporting" Coronavirus

China Outraged 

After Largest German 


Accuses Beijing Of 

"Exporting" Coronavirus 

Pandemic, Demands €149 

Billion In Damages

Zero Hedge,
19 April, 2020

Let's see how the pro-China "fact checkers" blow up on this one.
The editor-in-chief of Germany’s largest paper Bild on Thursday launched a full frontal attack on China’s communist president Xi Jinping for his regime’s failure to lying about the coronavirus outbreak and the massive human rights violations carried out by the Communist Party, and demanding no less that €149 billion in damages as a result of China's actions.
In an article titled "What China Owes Us", Julian Reichelt, the prominent editor-in-chief of the Bild, wrote to Jinping that  "Your embassy in Berlin has addressed me in an open letter because we asked in our newspaper Bild whether China should pay for the massive economic damage the coronavirus is inflicting worldwide."
Addressing the Chinese president, the German editor wrote that, "You, your government and your scientists had to know long ago that coronavirus is highly infectious, but you left the world in the dark about it. Your top experts didn't respond when Western researchers asked to know what was going on in Wuhan. You were too proud and too nationalistic to tell the truth, which you felt was a national disgrace."

Reichelt said that, "You rule by surveillance. You wouldn't be president without surveillance. You monitor everything, every citizen, but you refuse to monitor the diseased wet markets in your country. You shut down every newspaper and website that is critical of your rule, but not the stalls where bat soup is sold. You are not only monitoring your people, you are endangering them – and with them, the rest of the world."
He continued with his bill of particulars, noting that “surveillance is a denial of freedom. And a nation that is not free, is not creative. A nation that is not innovative, does not invent anything. This is why you have made your country the world champion in intellectual property theft.
“China enriches itself with the inventions of others, instead of inventing on its own,” Reichelt wrote. "The reason China does not innovate and invent is that you don't let the young people in your country think freely. China’s greatest export hit (that nobody wanted to have, but which has nevertheless gone around the world) is coronavirus.”
We can't wait to read what Reichelt will have to say when it is confirmed that the "Wu Flu" escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a development we expect will take place any day. 
The best-selling paper Bild calculated prior to Reichelt's editorial that China owed Germany €149 billion for coronavirus damages, triggering the angry response from the Chinese embassy in Berlin. Bild said the compensation amounts to  €1,784  per person if Germany's GDP drops by 4.2 percent. The Bild article was titled: "What China owes us."

In response, the spokeswoman for China’s embassy, Tao Lil, published an open letter to Bild in German on the embassy's website stating that, “I followed your reporting on the corona pandemic in general and China's alleged guilt in particular today. Apart from the fact that we consider it a pretty bad style to blame a country for a pandemic that is affecting the whole world and then to present an explicit account of alleged Chinese debts to Germany, the article ignores some essential facts."
She added that "We note that many countries now struggling with COVID-19 have had time to prepare for the cross-border spread of the pathogen after China reported its outbreak under IHR [World Health Organization] guidelines."
And in taking a page out of every liberal textbook, everywhere, having no credible defense, China's embassy spokeswoman promptly changed subjects and said the article "stirs up xenophobia and nationalism."
So... accusing a government of a giant cover up - which we already know happened as China itself admitted when it silenced the Wuhan doctor who tried to bring the world's attention to the plague ravaging his town only to be arrested and forecefully silenced before dying from the coronavirus - is now nothing more than an act of racism. Got it. Perhaps the next time the IRS comes knocking and demanding a "fairer share" of one's income, the same "you are racist" excuse can be applied as well?
Oh, and yes, the same line of questioning that got this site banned by the "ultra liberal" arbiters of all that is true and just in this world - and direct whose actions may have facilitates the deaths of thousands of people around the globe - was not lost on the Bild editor-in-chief, who cited last week's Washington Post article reporting that, "your laboratories in Wuhan have been researching coronaviruses in bats, but without maintaining the highest safety standards. Why are your toxic laboratories not as secure as your prisons for political prisoners? Would you like to explain this to the grieving widows, daughters, sons, husbands, parents of corona victims all over the world?"
We couldn't have said it better ourselves, even if we did say it about 3 months earlier, for which we got the ultimate punishment from that paragon of free speech, Jack Dorsey.
Reichelt concluded that, "In your country, your people are whispering about you. Your power is crumbling. You have created an inscrutable, non-transparent China. Before Corona, China was known as a surveillance state. Now, China is known as a surveillance state that infected the world with a deadly disease.That is your political legacy."

Bild's full frontal attack on China may have been the trigger for everyone else to pile on, and on Saturday, President Donald Trump warned that China should face consequences if it was “knowingly responsible” for unleashing the coronavirus pandemic, especially if it involved open lies about the origin of the deadly virus: the country's only maximum security Level 4 biolab, which as Nature wrote in February 2017 was tasked with "studying the world's most dangerous pathogens" in which the highly respected scientific publication also warned about "worries surround the Chinese lab. The SARS virus has escaped from high-level containment facilities in Beijing multiple times."

Trump told reporters: "It could have been stopped in China before it started and it wasn’t, and the whole world is suffering because of it. "If it was a mistake, a mistake is a mistake. But if they were knowingly responsible, then there should be consequences."
We eagerly look forward to finding out just what those consequences are... not just for China, but for all those - such as Jack Dorsey and Twitter - who enabled this lie to be perpetuated for months.
Trump concluded the Chinese were “embarrassed” and the question was whether what happened with the coronavirus was “a mistake that got out of control, or was it done deliberately?" All this happened just hours after this week the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak started, revised its number of fatalities by with a sudden 50% jump in the figure, confirming yet again that anything that comes out of China is a lie, and that all those who defend China's position - for purely monetary pursuits even if it means the deaths of countless people - should be judged, if not in a just as corrupt legal system, then in a court of the people.

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