Saturday 25 April 2020

By next week coronavirus deaths in the United States will exceed the total number of US casualties experienced in the Vietnam War

"By the end of April, the coronavirus will have killed more Americans in just one month than the Vietnam War killed during its entire duration."

As covid-19 deaths surpass 50,000 in the USA, at what point do pandemic DENIALISTS become complicit in the ongoing fatalities?

24 April, 2020

Earlier this week, a man who thought the coronavirus was a hoax spread by the left-wing media to damage Trump wound up dead with a coronavirus infection. It begs the question: Was he listening to Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity? Or Ron Paul, who claimed the coronavirus was a hoax?

All those people and many more — including David Icke and various indy media hosts — have insisted that the coronavirus either doesn’t exist at all, is no more dangerous than the regular flu, or isn’t really killing very many people. For most of March and April, they have claimed the coronavirus was “no worse than the flu,” even as the coronavirus has now killed more Americans in just the last 17 days than the seasonal flu kills in an entire year.

These irresponsible people have downplayed the infectiousness of the virus, claimed doctors and nurses were faking death certificates, and told their own viewers or listeners things that would make them complacent in the face of deadly global pandemic. In doing so, they have spread complacency and surely contributed to new infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

Today the number of deaths in the United States stands at 50,952. By next Tuesday, coronavirus deaths in the United States will exceed the total number of US casualties experienced in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War took years to unfold, yet most of the coronavirus deaths now recorded have taken place over just the last 30 days. (Over 50,000 now in the last 30 days. There were only 957 total deaths in the USA as of March 24th.)

By the end of April, the coronavirus will have killed more Americans in just one month than the Vietnam War killed during its entire duration.

Yet the deniers continue to spread their dangerous disinformation — mostly from pro-Trump, conservative media — insisting that the coronavirus is less dangerous than the flu, telling their audiences there’s nothing to worry about.

That’s why I wrote an article entitled, Dear President Trump: To save America, you must ignore the disinformation from your own supporters who are ignorant about infectious disease.” The article, as you might imagine, has not won me any friends in the pro-Trump indy media that has been pushing the denialism lies about the coronavirus. You might even say that by telling the truth, I have now become the enemy of the more rabid pro-Trump indy media outlets who claim to be “truth tellers.”
It turns out they are liars, just like the mainstream media. Even worse, they are scientifically illiterate liars.

For warning America and trying to save lives, we were attacked by the pro-Trump independent media

We warned about these coming deaths two months ago. We raised the alarm and told the truth, urging Americans to wear masks, abide by the lockdowns and boost their immune systems to fight against infections. In return, we were attacked by independent media pundits, banned from indy media platforms and lied about by the very people who were falsely telling their own audiences that the pandemic was a hoax.

Now we ask the obvious question: Are those who pushed pandemic denialism now complicit in the ongoing deaths of Americans?

While the initial wave of deaths has “flattened” and will hopefully settle over the next six weeks or so, what about subsequent infections? What about the new infections that were spread during “anti-lockdown” rallies during which rally organizers refused to wear masks and failed to encourage others to wear protective masks?

What about the protesters who verbally accosted doctors and nurses in the streets, blaming them for staging a coronavirus “hoax” that many protesters still believe is a global theatrical event that’s being faked as a kind of global prank to fool the world for some reason.

What about the protesters who wielded signs like, “Sacrifice the weak” as a way to insist lockdowns end, even if it costs millions of lives of our nation’s elderly and vulnerable?

These people — the deniers, the complacency pushers, the haters of medical personnel — are now complicit in the mounting deaths from the coronavirus.
They have chosen to deceive their own audiences and promote complacency in the face of an extremely dangerous, highly infectious pandemic. In doing so, they have contributed to the deaths of their own audiences via complacency and denialism.

And now we see the true cost of fake news from the scientifically illiterate media, both “mainstream” and “alternative” media. Those who don’t understand science and can’t do math have no business commenting on infectious diseases they fail to understand. Their bad math and wild disinformation has real-world consequences: Hospitalizations, health care costs, possible exposures of doctors and nurses, and even death.

These costs are being shouldered by society, not by the dishonest media people who pushed the lies that resulted in these costs.

Expect to see a wave of lawsuits against the independent media from families of coronavirus victims

That’s why I expect to see, very soon, lawsuits against media pundits who called the coronavirus a “hoax.” Family members of those who died are no doubt right now seeking legal counsel to file suit against the deceivers who misled their own audiences. Sadly, I expect a very large number of independent media people to be swept up in these lawsuits, with little ability to afford funding their own legal defense (which can easily run into the millions in such cases).

These lawsuits, of course, will drag on for years, causing indy media outlets to be mired in legal costs and huge disruptions to their operations. Ultimately, some will simply declare bankruptcy and fold.

That’s the real-world cost of pushing dangerous disinformation when a very real global pandemic is killing tens of thousands of people in the United States alone. Those who abused their positions of influence to spread disinformation that led to these deaths have put their entire operations at risk and may soon be facing a tsunami of lawsuits they cannot possibly survive.

It’s sad to see, actually, when the exponential spread of this virus should have been obvious from the start, especially if media pundits were as smart as they claim to be.

As it turns out, it’s not very bright to claim a pandemic is a “hoax” and watch your own audience members die from complacency. That’s a suicide strategy, not a pro-human strategy. If you get your own audience members killed, you’re not a very good media pundit. You’re not even a decent human being. You are a danger to society at large.

Check out this new infographic we’ve put together called “Divide and Conquer.” It reveals how both the Left-wing and Right-wing media are deceiving their audiences and driving the sheeple toward mandatory vaccines:

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