Wednesday 29 April 2020

America's growing food crisis

U.S. Meat Supply Down to 

Ten Days Supply - Beef, Pork, 

28 April, 2020

Americans seem blissfully unaware they are heading into national starvation, as Meat Packing and Processing Plants shut down over coronavirus infection.  Ranchers are being told they MUST BULLDOZE THEIR CATTLE INTO THE GROUND DEAD because there is no way to process meat.
Within ten days, stores all over the United States will begin clearly running out of meat products.  If you don't have several months worth, get your affairs in order.
Millions of pigs, chickens, and cattle will be euthanized because of slaughterhouse closures, limiting supplies at grocers, said John Tyson, chairman of top U.S. meat supplier Tyson Foods.
The world’s biggest meat companies - including Smithfield Foods, Cargill, JBS USA and Tyson Foods - have halted operations at about 20 slaughterhouses and processing plants in North America since April as workers fall ill, stoking global fears of a meat shortage.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said late Friday it is establishing a National Incident Coordination Center to help farmers find markets for their livestock, or euthanize and dispose of animals if necessary.
It was just four days ago, I began warning you this was coming fast (Story HERE)  Now others are shouting the warning too.
Ranchers, like the Texas man below, are sounding the alarm to America: Meat is running out.  There are less than TEN DAYS SUPPLY, nationwide.

AI Takeover of Food 

Launched - Trump’s Meat XO

Trump has ordered meat plants to reopen -- but there is MUCH more to the 

story: a hidden battle with the criminal USDA, and a complete AI takeover of 

the global food supply.

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