Sunday, 2 April 2017

Vladimir Putiin on climate change

He has his own reasons while most of the world says all the right words about climate change without meaning a single word of it.

The inconvenient truth vs comforting lies?
Putin: Climate Change Real, But Not Man-Made

Do you have the stomach for bullshit?

TheFires of History Yet Rage — Climate Change and the AuthoritarianAssault on Liberal Democracy

Some have said that history ended with the fall of Soviet Russia and the subsequent virtuous spread of liberal democracy. Now, with a fossil-fueled dictator at the Kremlin conducting information wars to topple western democracies and with the various and many-fanged monsters of climate changehowling at the gates of a world besieged, that notion seems both ignorant and laughable.

.”You may today be cajoled — through the internet — by none other than oil billionaire, petrostate dictator, former KGB agent, democracy saboteur, and Trump-supporter Vladimir Putin who’d try to use his supposedly legendary charm (or the merciless intimidation of his online agents andsurrogates) to convince you of the false notion that the climate is changing but humans aren’t the cause (see — Putin Defends Climate Deniers and Looks Forward to Arctic Melting). If you’re one of those strong-willed enough to wrench your mind from the grasp of a man and his army of 15,000 information warfare trolls spreading misinformation aimed at the advancement of his destructive wealth and power, you could use the same powerful tool to actually directly contact real scientists — who’d tell you that about 100 percent or more of present warming is now being caused by human beings. So you could then give Putin a very justified big, fat middle finger salute..."

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