Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Russian TV on US vs North Korea

These comments are from Kisilev from "Vesti" on Russian TV

US vs. North Korea: a Battle 

of Nerves

Meanwhile, US sent a naval armada to the North Korean shore, led by Carl Vinson, an assault carrier, with the support of two missile destroyers. Washington has been threatening to strike North Korea the whole week, hoping to make them to abstain from nuclear testing. North Korea responded with threats of a nuclear attack on US military bases in South Korea, Japan, and on the Territory of Guam. 

Technically, Pyongyang is equipped to do this. Also, North Koreans don't talk about it, but besides nuclear warheads, their missiles may be equipped with chemical ammo, according to the experts. In this case, one of the targets is the South Korean capital, the megapolis Seoul. So North Korea asks to abstain from provocations in its address, because as they say, in response to an all-in war, they'll declare an all-in war. As a result, by this weekend the tension around North Korea reached a boiling point.

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