Sunday 24 May 2015

Lugansk PR leader Mosgovoi assasianted

Prominent Lugansk Militia Leader Mozgovoi Assassinated
Prominent militia leader Mozgovoi was assassinated on Saturday evening after the vehicle he was traveling in ran into an ambush.

23 May, 2015

Lugansk militia leader Aleksey Mozgovoi was assassinated by unknown gunmen on Saturday after the vehicle he was traveling in ran into an ambush.

Mozgovoi was the head of Lugansk's Prizrak ("Ghost") Brigade militia, one of the most prominent militias in the region.

"This happened at around the same place as where an assassination attempt against Mozgovoi was made on March 7. The ambush took place on the highway between Lugansk and Alchevsk, unknown persons shot at the jeep Mozgovoi and his guards were traveling in. Mozgovoi was seriously injured and died on the spot," a representative of the militia told RIA Novosti.

General Prosecutor, Mozgovoi was killed alongside six other people. Mozgovoi's entourage included his press secretary and three members of his security detail, according to Russian news site LifeNews.

Mozgovoi was killed when the car he was traveling in ran into an ambush outside the village of Mikhailovka, east of his group's headquarters in Alchevsk, in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic.

From the Saker

A few thoughts about the murder of Mozgovoi

Alexei Mozgovoi
Alexei Mozgovoi


I will be honest with you: the murder of Mozgovoi hit me like a punch in the stomach,  just as had happened with Buzina my first thought upon hearing the news was “Oh God – not him!”.  I did not always agree with everything these two man said, but they were dear to my heart for their immense, truly shining, honesty and courage.  At a time when the world is full of lukewarm, unprincipled, cynical “leaders”, Buzina and Mozgovoi truly did shine by their absolute honesty.

Even though I am in a state of total disgust and anger,  I want to share a few simple thoughts with you:

1) While it is pretty darn obvious who killed Buzina, it is too early to establish who killed Mozgovoi.  Those “armchair generals” who are already pointing the finger at this or that person or group are only making things worse and, objectively, doing Kiev’s bidding.

2) An attack like the one which happened today is not something organized in 24 hours.  So those who are linking this murder with this or that recent event are by definition wrong.

3) It is all well and dandy to blame Kiev yet again, but even if the regime in Kiev (or Uncle Sam himself) did order this murder, then the authorities in Lugansk are at the very least guilty of criminal negligence.

4)  I have a very hard time imagining that the otherwise hapless Ukronazi freaks in Kiev would have the means to regularly kill Novorussian commanders deep inside the LNR.  As for Blackwater/Academi or CIA assassins, this is even less likely.

5) I personally find the hypothesis that this murder was ordered by Putin absolutely ridiculous.  Likewise, I find that Surkov ordered such a murder “behind Putin’s back” equally preposterous.  So I am certain that this was not a “Kremlin ordered hit”.

So, not Kiev and not Moscow – but then who?

This is an extremely dangerous and divisive question which must be asked, but asked very carefully and only on the basis of facts.

The logical place to go look for answers is Lugansk and around those interest groups associated with that Republic.  Still, at this point in time I would not confuse legitimate questions and accusations.I have to be honest here and admit that I am generally rather unimpressed with the LNR authorities and I personally doubt that they will come up with some real answers. I hope that I will be proven wrong, but I am not holding my breath.  I will say that if the LNR authorities are unable or unwilling to clean house, then somebody else will have to do that.

At a time when crucial negotiations are taking place against the backdrop of an apparently inevitable Ukronazi attack the Kremlin simply cannot afford to have Lugansk taken over by the rot of local political intrigues and assassinations.
Right now, I am too sad, disgusted and angry to add anything else.

The Saer

PS: apparently, the trolls are out in full force again, repeating the “The Kremlin did it!!” idiocy like a mantra.  Whether we are dealing with paid Pentagon employees, low-IQ “hurray patriots” or simply garden variety idiots matters little: their hysterics only make things worse for Novorussia.  I have better things to do than to argue with them, and if they get out of control I would recommend that the mods start re-directing their nonsense were it belongs: the trash bin.

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