Saturday 30 May 2015

Farewell to 'Campbell Live'

It is a sad day for New Zealand. Last night was the last night for 'Campbell Live' (to be replaced by Roadcops). 

In the same week Fairfax (one of just two media companies in this country that owns most of the newspapers of the country) has announced large cutbacks - essentially the beginning of the end for newspapers in this country.

In a country which has long been a media desert, where state-run television long ago turned its back on serious current affairs, the loss of Campbells' daily show is the loss of the last voice that spoke up for the poor, the downtrodden, the people ofChristchurch and the Pike River families.

Now all that is left is the right-wing echo chamber.

John Key and his fascist cronies will be gloating

New Zealand loses its conscience
Campbell Live: Ka kite ano, New Zealand

To watch the last Cambell Live GO HERE

For the last time ever, John Campbell and the team have filled that quintessential 7pm time slot.

The problem with a show named Campbell Live is that it doesn't sufficiently stress the extent to which we've been a team, and through our 10 years on air, there have many, many brilliant people.

Campbell Live finishes with a brilliant team of producers, reporters, camera operators, editors and managers – some leaving TV3 and some staying.

John Campbell started working at TV3 aged 27 in a suit he borrowed from his father – he never dreamed what would happen over the next 24 years.

Between everyone who has passed through the Campbell Live office, we've made somewhere approaching 2,500 programmes, five nights a week and often from scratch.

Tonight, if you're watching in Christchurch, chances are we've interviewed you, and you're trust is something we will never forget. May your city be magnificent.
To the families those were brave enough to let us in for stories of child poverty, thank you.

And to the Pike River families, thank you.

And to those who came to us because you thought that we could make a difference, thank you.

To the people who donated so much money, so often, because you saw the same need we saw, thank you.

Food in schools, disaster relief in the Philippines and Vanuatu and Gaza, new homes, new hope, better lives – you supported it all the way.
Thank you and ka kite ano, New Zealand.

John Campbell – presenter/reporter

Pip Keane – our brilliant boss, who has given this job her heart
Ali Ikram – reporter
Tristram Clayton – reporter
Lachlan Forsyth – reporter
Jendy Harper – reporter
Kate McCallum – producer
Sarah Stewart – reporter
Julian Lee – reporter
Chris (Jonesy) Jones – camera
Zoe Duffy – producer
Whena Owen – reporter
John Sellwood – reporter
Micheal Hardcastle – promos
Vanessa Forrest – producer
Marise Hurley – associate producer
Sarah Rowan – editor
Claire Eastham-Farrelly – editor
Tory Evans – camera
Mike Wesley-Smith – reporter
Anna Burns-Francis – reporter
Jayne Devine – production manager
Emily Samonta – editor
Lee Thomson – editor
Dan Parker – reporter
Billy Weepu – camera
Madeleine Smith - online editor
And every other lovely person that worked on Campbell Live:
Kim Hurring
Carol Hirschfeld
Mike Brockie
Angus Gilles
Mel Jones
Claudine McLean
Hannah Story
Michael Beran
Keith Slater
Monique Devereux
Michael Hardcastle
Maria Bolger
Michael Miller
Will Flemming
Catherine Winks
Stacey Murdoch
Shannon Haunui-Thompson
Sophie Bretherton Jones
Megan Tucker
Dan Huisman
Lee Taylor
Emma Zhao
Rob Dixon
Calkin Rameka
Toby Longbottom
Tamara Finau
Marcel Pfister
John Sinclair
Andrew Currie
Clayton Anderson
Cushla Lewis
Grant Findlay
Cameron Williams
Darryn Inder
Arthur Rasmussen
Phil Johnson
Billy Paine
Harley Peters
Dave Flynn
Dougal Laing
Wuz Armstrong
George Murahidy
Amanda Berkahn
Belinda Walshe
Christie Douglas
Scottie Behrnes
John Fleming
Hayden Aull
Tom McRae
Amanda Gillies
David Farrier
Kate Rodger
Ingrid Hipkiss
Melissa Davies
Kate King
Rebecca Wright
Jaquie Brown
Claire Silvester
Libby Middlebrook
Simon Shepherd
Helen Vaughan
Richard Langston
Clayton Anderson
Phil Vine
Tony Reid
Sonja de Friez
Natasha Utting
Emma Keeling
Mihingarangi Forbes
Rachel Parkin
Hamish Clark
Kyle Scott
Darryn Foughy
Libby Dodds
Mandie Wilson
Kate Stevens
Daniel Grimshaw
Monique Luker
Michaela Guy
Campbell Live

To watch the last Cambell Live GO HERE

John Campbell leads the TV3 leader's debate between Prime Minister John Key and Labour Leader David Cunliffe on September 10, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Remember that time Helen Clark called John Campbell a 'sanctimonious little creep'?

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