Monday 25 May 2015

ALERT: High methane reading above Barrow, Alaska

2845 ppb methane reading at Barrow, Alaska

I am posting this as a heads-up as the result of a one-off observation of a 2845 ppb  hourly methane reading in Barrow, Alaska.

This is still to be confirmed but such a large reading is more than noteworthy.

While it is not a mean reading what comes to mind is that we had our first readings of 400 ppm of C02 at Mount Lua about a year ago and now it is the average.

When I looked at the graph above thought at first that the graph did not reflect the observation, but on looking a bit more carefully, there is a single reading at that level.

Watch this space and Arctic News for  confirmation and interpretation

NOTE: This has to be treated as very much an interim reading that requires confirmation.

In the mean time while the endless debate about exactly how methane is going to or not going cook our collective goose. It continues to rise and rise.

POSTSCRIPT: From Sam Carana on Facebook

A very high methane reading was recorded in Barrow, Alaska (hourly average, in situ measurement). The big danger is that the combined impact of feedbacks will accelerate warming in the Arctic to a point where huge amounts of methane will erupt abruptly from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean.

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