Friday 29 May 2015

Fascism in America

Mumia Abu-Jamal -- Is Fascism Possible Here?

January, 2006


The very word evokes dark, menacing images of troops, marching in lockstep, in support of a terrible, malevolent ideology.

In a word, it suggests the followers of Mussolini in Italy, or Hitler in Germany.

To most of us, its very mention suggests its foreign nature; its Otherness.

Therein lies its danger. For, because it is seen as a foreign ideology, the inevitable idea arises: "It can't happen here."

Those who say this, either don't know, or don't want to know, American history. They prefer the safe myths, to the ugly truths of how this country came to be what it is.

What is fascism? In short, it is the merger of state and corporate interests.

Fascism is more than a funny-sounding word; it is dyed deep into the fabric of American life; and creeps forward today, under cover of 'Law

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