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Explosive report abot BBC censorship

The very rough translation is my own
Boeing downing coverup: BBC report removed
Tuszowanie kraksy Boeinga: raport BBC usunięty

25 July, 2014

The BBC Russian service" has deleted this story about the investigation of the disaster Boeing in Ukraine, say bloggers

The attempt to work out how the Malaysian Boeing could be shot down near Donetsk, has led to a scandal. The management of the BBC has deleted a report its own correspondent from the site,  in which she refuted information of Americans and Ukrainians about the place, where stood the "Buk", allegedly shot down the plane. In addition, local residents told the reporter that they saw a fighter plane . The BBC have censored a report for the first time, say Russian bloggers.

"The document is not available"

"The BBC tells the truth, wow, I'm surprised"

The report by correspondent of BBC Russian service Olga Ivishina about the her search of the place where, according to statements of American and Ukrainian representatives, the "BUK" of Donetsk militias shoud be, apparently, will never see the light of day,. The subject on which she posted link on her microblog on Twitter soon after the publication,  has been removed.

Документ недоступен
Последнее обновление: понедельник, 7 марта 2011 г., 17:49 GMT 20:49 MCK
К сожалению, запрошенный вами документ недоступен.
Возможно, вы ввели неправильный интернет-адрес. Пожалуйста, проверьте адрес и убедитесь, что он не содержит заглавных букв или пробелов.
Возможно, страница, которую вы ищете, была перемещена, обновлена или удалена.
Пожалуйста, нажмите кнопку "вернуться", чтобы попробовать другую ссылку, либо посетите:
On the BBC website if you search for Ivshina's material you will find: "unfortunately, the requested document is not available". And: "it is possible that the page you are looking for has been moved, updated or deleted".
However it is still on Youtube he is still there, although there are fears that too will be erased.

"Video Deleted Youtube ," write the users of the service.

"The BBC tells the truth, wow, I'm surprised," writes bdcn1369.

I recorded the video myself just in case"," adds Seeker Of Truth.

In the report of Olga Ivshyna interviews residents of Donetsk villages who claim that they saw Boeing combat aircraft  in the sky shortly before the crash. And it is the fighter, in their opinion, could shoot down a passenger airliner. Two women, in particular, reported that the passenger aircraft flew a little higher, and the fighter just below. And then the bombs exploded.

The correspondent also cites the comment of the Ukrainian side, which insists that Boeing was hit by a complex "Buk", who arrived from Russia."The system, which was shot down the plane arrived to Ukraine early in the morning on July 17. It was delivered by truck to the city of Donetsk, and then redeployed in the column of military vehicles in the area of the town of Torez, Snezhnoye, Pervomaiskoye", - told the head of counter-intelligence Department of the security service of Ukraine Vitaly Naida.

The SBU also released photos and videos, which, in its opinion, prove that Boeing was hit by a missile, "BUK". However Ivshina, wanting to check out these "proofs" of places traversed (buy vehiocle as well as on foot) all the nearby fields, but could not find any  traces of these systems.

The journalist compared the photo next to Thorez with photos provided by the  SBU, found the same relief and a group of trees and came to the conclusion that the smoke allegedly from a missile launch, spoke of the Ukrainian side could have come from two other sources. Approximately in the same place there is the memorial complex Saur-Grave, where there has been constant fighting as well as a coal mine.

The reporter also spoke with local people on the ruins of one of the houses in the nearby town of Snezhnoye. The people interviewed had not seen any BUK system. Thus, a commander of a local militia Sergey Godovanets said that Ukrainian fighters repeatedly covered by civil aircraft, in particular when they bombed Slavyansk.

A militiaman admitted that if they had had  a weapon capable of shooting down a fighter jet at high altitude, they would have tried to do it, but it is not there.

We should add that in the comments Olga Ivshina's Twitter page,  internet users asked if she'd seen in LiveJournal the analysis that "the exact location of missile launch is determined by the geolocation of residents".

She replied that had seen nothing, either in that place, or in several other, coordinates of which were specified in the Internet. There were "clean field, without a trace ".

She also made a photo: "I have searched with a toothcomb. There is nothing within a radius of 2 km"
On the page of Olga Twitter emphasizes that she is a BBC journalist, but her blog reflects just her personal position".

Note that the BBC is considered one of the best public broadcasters in Europe, as well as a national treasure in the UK. The Corporation does not depend on the government, and advertising on its channel (excluding broadcast abroad) is prohibited.The BBCis financed by tax, which is  paid annually  all Britons who have access to television. It's called a  "TV licence" . Currently, the annual amount of this tax is 145,50 pounds, that is, on average, about 12 pounds per month. For evasion from payment of taxes to a fine, There is a fine of up to 1 thousand pounds for evasion of payment.  As far as censorship is concerned the BBC positions itself as impartial and as being independent from any authorities, or from anyone the source of information. However, there are sseveral points connected with the manifestation of censorship, nonetheless. So, in 2005 the TV station has entered restrictions on airing violence reported Reuters. After this violent scenes were cut out of programmes, and the stories started to go with a delay of two seconds so that the editor had the opportunity to make corrections. It was also decided that the journalistic investigation will be conducted only after obtaining approval from the leadership of the channel, and information obtained in investigations should be subject to and comprehensive and all-round verification of the editors". Not all employees of the Corporation was then satisfied, they even went on strike. Thus employees could be sacked  for any violations of corporate standards representatives of the BBC . In November 2012 the head of the Corporation George Entwhistle resigned . The reason was the scandal that erupted after the program Newsnight which  accused a high-ranking politician was mistakenly accused of pedophilia.

"Due to the fact that the Director General is the chief editor and ultimately responsible for the content of all programs, and subject to unacceptable journalistic standards, I considered it a point of honour to resign from his post of General Director of", - has declared then Entail.

On this occasion in the UK was a big hype, the situation was commented by politicians and journalists. It was said that it is necessary to restore public trust in the broadcaster.

Let's add, that well-known blogger Konstantin Rykov wrote on Twitter in  that "for the first time in the history of the BBC material is removed by the editors".

"By the standards of the UK for this editor would be dismissed". Rather, should be, but will not, because of the  current political realities.

"It is clear that he would not be dismissed, but should," wrote Rykov.

Disputes and fraud 

Let's remind ourselvces that the, representatives of different countries continue to argue about who was resposnible for shooting down the passenger Boeing near Donetsk last Thursday night.  U.S. State Department spokesman Marie Harf again confirmed the position of the Americans was that Ukraine could not have done it.

"The Russians said that the Ukrainian aircraft Su-25 could shoot down the vessel with an "air-to-air" missile. We do not believe that such an attack is possible," she was reported as saying through RIA "Novosti".

"Pictures of the wreck show damage, corresponding to  damage from an "air-ground" missile. It is not correspond to the picture of the damage that we could see from an  "air-air" missile, as claimed by Russians," added Harf.

Besides, according to her, the Ukrainian system "Buk" could not shoot down the plane, because "he was far beyond reach".

However, last Monday the Ministry of defense of Russia presented objective, which shows the the presumed site of the shooting down of the Malaysian Boeing falls into to a zone of bombardment it is owned by the army of Ukraine Buk". In addition, next to the passenger aircraft was really noticed the Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft.

"The militia said that Ukrainian fighters repeatedly covered civil aircraft"

They accuse Russia of supplying arms to militias. At the same time, Washington, by his own admission, has no no evidence linking Russia to the crash, in particular of the transfer of a Buk missile sytem from the territory of the Russian Federation.As reported by  the newspaper reported ВЗГЛЯД, the USA cannot opnely fabricate satellite reconnaissance history data with Boeing, because they understand that Russia has its own information about the zone of the tragedy.. Therefore, the Americans' people in Kiev are working  their people in the Ukraine to fabricate and spread various forms of "evidence".

Among speculation about the catastrophe of the plane you can remember the stir created globally by  public allegations of the head of the information centre of the NSDC of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko,  that the Russian military were working on the crash site "disguised as civilians."

Lysenko also claimed that militias were allegedly using the credit cards of the victims and collecting the personal valuables of the dead. Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shariy found that on the basis of these anecdotes and media reports, and disregardins statemeents from the Credit Card Association of the Dutch banks has taken measures so that money could not be withdrawn. After that, the media has picked up the statement of the Association, and gave everything so that banks reported the theft of cards that actually was not proven.

"This is called the cycle "surge". A simple example: I declare that Lysenko robbed a pensioner. This is reported by the media. The Association of protection of the rights of pensioners will know from the media that Lysenko robbed the pensioner, and makes a statement that they are ready to cover all the costs of a pensioner robbed by Lysenko. . After that, the media relay the statement of this Association. An average reader understands that just because the Association is not going to make a statement. So, Lysenko still unclean," explained Share.

Experts have repeatedly pointed out the leaders of Ukraine and West are operating with pseudopackage around the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing, and before that said repeatedly experts  Material from the the Internet and allegedly -intercepted negotiations militias already gave rise to the first persons of Ukraine and other countries, primarily the USA, blaming the incident of militias and Russia. While politicians the world over aren't worries in the slightest that this "evidence" is based on unproven and even grossly falsified facts.

So, on the Security Service of Ukraine's website announced the export back to Russia of the BUK systems, illustrated with photographs, made back in March, with the clear insignia of the Ukrainian army.

In addition, Ukrainian journalist denounced false about marauding militias. Another photo where one of the soldiers saw the ring that belonged to the passengers of the crashed Boeing was Ukrainian, which the Western media tried to present as looting Donetsk militias, according to RT.

In the media : "Terrorists who are on the place of the crash of the Boeing 777, not only hinder the work of the rescuers, but also not afraid to steal the dead passengers of the plane".

However, it was then found video, screenshot which became a scandalous photo. It shows that the soldier has not picked up the ring and threw it in a box with other small items. In the recording it is obvious that the militiaman did not take away the deceased's personal effects, but gathered tehm up in order to ensure their safety.

Let's remind ourselves that, on July 17, in the east of Ukraine the Malsysian Airlines Boeing 777, which was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed. There were 298 persons on board the liner.  They all died.

Catastrophe of #MH17: BBC 

in the Search of the “#BUK” 

– The Video Report 

Censored by BBC

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov
Note: Videos & a PDF of the Google Web-cache Have Been Preserved and Are Available Upon Request 

Vineyard of the Saker,
25 July, 2014

Preamble: Why did the BBC delete this report by Olga Ivshina? Is it because the BBC team was unable to find any evidence that a rocket was launched in the area that the Ukrainian Security Service (“SBU”) alleges to be the place from which the Novorossiya Militia launched a “BUK” missile?

Or is it because every eyewitness interviewed by the BBC team specifically indicated the presence of Ukrainian military aircraft right beside the Malaysian Airlines Boeing MH17 at the time that it was shot down?

Or is it because of eyewitness accounts (like the one posted following the transcript of the BBC report) confirming that the Ukrainian air force regularly used civilian aircraft flying over Novorossiya as human shields to protect its military aircraft conducting strikes against civilian population from the Militia’s anti-aircraft units?

I reserve the final judgment to the readers of this blog. This entry is broken down into:
  1. introductory paragraphs to the BBC video report;
  2. English-language transcript of the BBC video report; and,
  3. a video interview with Elena, a Militia fighter, recorded in Slavyansk on or about June 18, 2014, or one month prior to the MH17 catastrophe, wherein she states that, even then, the Ukrainian military aircraft would customarily hide behind civilian aircraft to bomb civilian targets on the ground.
In the last part of this entry Elena predicts that the Ukrainian military will stage the horrible catastrophe like the MH17 crash - she makes this prediction one whole month prior to the disaster. 

Video: The Catastrophe of #MH17: #BBC in the Search of the “#BUK

Original BBC Video Report: 
Preserved by Google Web-cache 

Introductory Paragraphs to the BBC Video Report
The “black boxes” of the crashed Malaysian Boeing have finally been transferred into the hands of the experts. However, how much can they tell us?

The recorders logged the coordinates and the heading of the aircraft at the time of the incident and may have recorded the sound of the explosion. However, they will not tell us what exactly caused the explosion.

The inhabitants of the nearby villages are certain that they saw military aircraft in the sky shortly prior to the catastrophe. According to them, it actually was the jet fighters that brought down the Boeing.

The Ukrainian government rejects this version of events. They believe that the Boeing was shot down using a missile from a “BUK” complex that came in from Russia.

The Ukrainian Security Service has published photographs and a video, which, in its opinion, prove that the Boeing was shot down with a “BUK” missile.

BBC reporter Olga Ivshina and producer Oksana Vozhdayeva decided to find the place from which the missile was allegedly launched. 

Transcript of the BBC Video Report

DPR Representative: Here it is.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The black boxes from the crashed Boeing are finally being transferred into the hands of the experts. However, how much can they tell us?

The recorders logged the coordinates and the heading of the aircraft at the time of the incident and may have recorded the sound of the explosion. However, they will not tell us what exactly caused the explosion.

The inhabitants of the nearby villages are certain that they saw military aircraft in the sky shortly prior to the catastrophe. According to them, it actually was the jet fighters that brought down the Boeing.

Eyewitness #1: There were two explosions in the air. And this is how it broke apart. And [the fragments] blew apart like this, to the sides. And when …

Eyewitness #2: … And there was another aircraft, a military one, beside it. Everybody saw it.

Eyewitness #1: Yes, yes. It was flying under it, because it could be seen. It was proceeding underneath, below the civilian one.

Eyewitness #3: There were sounds of an explosion. But they were in the sky. They came from the sky. Then this plane made a sharp turn-around like this. It changed its trajectory and headed in that direction [indicating the direction with her hands].

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The Ukrainian government rejects this version of events. They believe that the Boeing was shot down using a missile from a “BUK” complex that came in from the direction of Russia.

Vitaliy Naida, Department of Counterintelligence of SBU [Ukrainian Security Service]: This was a BUK M1 system from which the aircraft was shot down. It came to Ukraine early in the morning on the 17th of July. It was delivered by a tow truck to the city of Donetsk. After that, it was redeployed from Donetsk, as part of a column of military equipment, to the area of the city of Torez, to the area of Snezhnoye, to the area of Pervomaisk.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The Ukrainian Security Service has published photographs and a video, which, in its opinion, prove that the Boeing was shot down with a “BUK” missile. We attempted to verify these photographs and information at the location.

One of the photographs showed a landscape not far from the city of Torez, on which smoke could be seen coming from the presumed location of the missile’s launch. We attempted to find this location, and it appears that we were successful.

We are now on the outskirts of the city of Torez. Behind me, approximately five kilometres away, is the city of Snezhnoye. And the landscape here matches the landscape that we can see on the photograph published by the Ukrainian Security Service.

To find the place from which the smoke was allegedly coming from, we adopted as markers these three poplars and the group of trees. Presumably, this is the place that can be seen on the photograph published by the SBU. And here are our markers: the three solitary poplars and the small group of trees in the distance.

The smoke that can be seen on the photograph came from somewhere over there [pointing behind her], behind my back. The SBU believes that this is a trace coming from the launch of a “BUK” missile.

However, it must be noted that there are here, approximately in the same place, the Saur-Mogila memorial, near which the fighting continues almost unabated, and a coalmine. It turns out that the smoke with the same degree of probability could have been coming from any of these locations.

Having circled around the nearby fields, we were unable to find any traces of a missile launch. Nor did the local inhabitants that we encountered see any “BUK” either.

At the ruins of an apartment building in the city of Snezhnoye, the topic of the jet fighters that may have been escorting civilian aircraft comes up again. A bomb dropped from above took away the lives of eleven civilians here.

Sergey Godovanets, Commander of the Militia of the city of Snezhnoye: They use these civilian aircraft to hide behind them. It is only now that they stopped flying over us – but, usually, civilian aircraft would always fly above us. And they hide [behind them]. [The experience in] Slavyansk had demonstrated that they would fly out from behind a civilian aircraft, bomb away, and then hide, once again, behind the civilian aircraft and fly away.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The commander of the local militia emphasizes that they have no weaponry capable of shooting down a jet fighter [flying] at a significant height. However, he says that if such weaponry were to appear, they would have tried to.

Sergey Godovanets: If we know that it is not a civilian aircraft, but a military one, then – yes.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: So, could the Boeing have been shot down by the militias that had mistaken it for a military aircraft? There is as yet no unequivocal confirmation of either this or any other version [of what took place]. The international experts are just beginning their work with the information obtained from the crashed airliner. It now appears that it is difficult to overstate the importance of this investigation. Olga Ivshina, BBC. 

Militia Elena: Ukrainian Military Planes Hide Behind Civilian Airliners

Video: Recorded at least one month prior to MH17 Crash, published with ENG subs on June 18, 2014

Note: Pay close attention starting at 01:10

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