Friday 25 October 2013

When it rains....

With thanks to Iori Mochizuki of Fukushima Diary

Every time it rains, Fukushima plant is pushed to the edge

Japan is the country of rain and it’s quietly pushing Fukushima plant to the edge.

24 October, 2013

After this September, Typhoons keep coming.

Every time they have the heavy rain, the contaminated water overflows.

They have huge amount of contaminated water tanks, which almost look like a forest.

but they leak. so they surround the tanks by 30cm tall walls.

The rain is stocked inside of the walls, and it’s mixed with the leaked contaminated water or the ground contamination.

This is what overflows.

Tepco tries to pump it up but it can be decreased only by a few cm per day.

Also, their back-up tank is almost full already. Now they transfer the pumped water to an underground reservoir but it’s known to be leaking like a sieve.

The overflowed water goes to the Pacific straight away.

So every time it rains, the contaminated water flows to the Pacific.

They have no clue.

It’s not only sea contamination.

According to Tepco, every time it rains heavily, 1,400 tonnes of contaminated water is added to be stocked.

They are running out of the water storage but they need more capacity.

At this moment Meteorological Agency forecasts two more typhoons are coming to Japan from this weekend.

Until this August, Tepco was saying it rains so heavily only once in ten years that the water overflows from the wall.

This is the nuclear industry that we were believing in.

Iori Mochizuki

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