Monday 28 October 2013

Dmitry Orlov on the Lifeboat Hour

The Sixth Stage of Collapse – Dmitry Orlov and Mike Ruppert

Michael C. Ruppert interviews Dmitry Orlov - Author of books “Reinventing Collapse” and “The Five Stages of Collapse”.

Dmitry's site is where you can find his latest essay “The Sixth Stage of Collapse”


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  1. It seems that a suggestion, at least for young people, that they join an eco-village, an intentional community or a transition town is the best positive message that a person can give. If humanity has a future, it will be in the form of communities that combine the best elements of modern technology with the wisdom of simplicity. So Orlov's grim message of collapse is perfectly acceptable if it is accompanied by a suggestion to change your personal lifestyle in accordance with what a likely future will be. That may involve moving inland, moving a bit northward in accordance with global warming, and moving to an area which shows promise of having a reliable source of fresh water and soils which don't need a lot of fertilizer. Perhaps there are few places left with such qualities.


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