Monday 28 October 2013

The Fukushima tragedy

Welcome to Fukushima

Film: Young Fukushima girl douses herself with gasoline, then lights it — Asks “Why did this nuclear disaster happen to us?” whenever she cries

27 October, 2013

Title: ‘Welcome to Fukushima’ (2013)
Director: Alain de Halleux

Part I at 11:00 in (Watch the clip here)

Fukushima Mother: Then Yuka started to get panic attacks. She got headaches, stomach aches, sore throats… It would change every day. Shortly after around the end of April she would spend her days crying in here room. It all made me very nervous. Kento was edgy allo the time, too.  […]
Part III at 11:15 in (Watch the clip here)

Fukushima Father: Perhaps she didn’t really know she was doing, but she made several attempts to jump from the first floor. She even tried to kill

herself by dousing herself with petrol and setting it alight.
Fukushima Mother: She led a normal life until March 11 last year, when there was the accident at the nuclear power plant. She can’t forgive herself for being this way. Every time she cries she asks, “Why did this nuclear disaster happen to us?”

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