Thursday 29 October 2020

Hurricane ZETA is making landfall

LANDFALL! Direct Hit New Orleans; 110 MPH Sustained Winds

Hal Turner,

28 October, 2020

Hurricane ZETA is making landfall in Louisiana from the Gulf of Mexico at this hour, 6:35 PM Eastern US time.  The eye of the storm will begin to pass directly over the city of New Orleans within an hour, with sustained winds of 110 MPH and gusts to 155 MPH.

Storm surge already occurring in the coastal marshlands is showing a ten meter (30 foot) surge of water being driven onshore by the storm!  This catastrophic surge will knock down most buildings hit by it, and make roads completely impassable, preventing residents who chose to stay, from evacuating.  If they stayed, it is too late for them now.

Emergency services are NOT responding to any calls for help in the affected area as it is too dangerous for Emergency Crews to go out; their fire / rescue trucks would be swept away by the storm surge.

Video from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico show the ferocious power of this storm.  In the brief video below, you can see FIFTY FOOT TALL WAVES striking the oil rig, and the backwash flowing over the deck which is twenty five feet higher!

This will still be a catastrophic storm when it reaches New Orleans.  It is not known if the city's levee system and flood water pumping system will handle the deluge.

City residents were NOT told to evacuate

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