Monday 26 October 2020

More photos from Chinese whistleblowers

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Details of A Photo of Hunter Biden Revealed by Lude Media

Oct. 22, Lude Media revealed details of this image. 

According to Lude, it was a screen shot of a hidden camera footage taken in a room in a private club during Hunter Biden’s trip to Beijing in 2013. The private club belongs to Zhang Hongwei, founder and owner of Orient Group Co., Ltd. (Wiki info). The person who helped Hunter Biden light the smoke and served him overnight was Liu Yifei, actress starred in Disney’s movie Mulan. It is said she has an income of 1 billion RMB (150 million US dollars) a year, not by acting, but by sex bribing people, like Hunter Biden, at the CCP’s order. 

Zhang Hongwei was in charge of Liu’s “schedule” and managing her “income”. He arranged the meeting of Liu and Hunter Biden. He has a “close” friend named Jenny living in the U.S. and also very familiar with Hunter Biden. The emails between Jenny and Hunter Biden will be posted later. 

Zhang Hongwei, as a tycoon, belongs to Communist China’s military, deep infiltrating in southeast Asia. He is a good friend to Xi Jinping and Wang Huning. His company, Orient Group Co., Ltd., has huge amounts of assets outside of China, dealing in oil and energy in America, Japan, Singapore, Pakistan, etc.. Besides, his company is a “white glove” of the CCP committing monetary and sex bribery. The U.S. government has been investigating Zhang and his company for half a year. All of it will be shut down and brought to justice according to the RICO Act. 

Lude and the guest speakers commented that, wherever the Chinese Communist Party is involved, there was, is and will be cameras and recorders to keep a record of whatever their “guest” do, no matter it’s in politics, business or any others. The CCP try to network with the elites using money and sex. Nearly every one who has been to a place like that private club and met with a “Liu Yifei” is compromised. Their secrets are not secret with the CCP. They either never do it, or it will be exposed. As to the image of Hunter Biden, there’s probably more footages from different hidden cameras in different situations with different people. 

This is for sure criminality. In a society where justice and the rule of law reign, we wish these people stand out and seek redemption. 

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