Monday 26 October 2020

Mitch Feierstein on America's class war

 Election 2020: America’s class war disguised as race war may cause a civil war

Mitch Feierstein

Sunday Guardian,

24 October, 2020

US intelligence operatives and the media have joined forces with the Democratic Party to deploy psychological operations, disinformation, and propaganda campaigns in an attempt to influence the outcome of the November presidential election.


In the United States, a class war has been amplified by a biased media and social media. Silicon Valley uses algorithms to move forward politically driven narratives and financial interests designed to polarize and sow seeds of discord that increase tribalism across the nation. US intelligence operatives and the media have joined forces with the Democratic Party to deploy psychological operations, disinformation, and propaganda campaigns, the likes of which have never been used before against the American people, in an attempt to influence the outcome of the November presidential election.

Facebook and Twitter censored a factual New York Post article based on evidence that was legally obtained from the laptop of his son, Hunter Biden, about a decades-long corruption and influence-peddling scandal that then Vice President Joe Biden perpetrated. The Biden family made tens of millions of dollars from Hunter Biden’s corrupt business deals in Ukraine and China. US VP Joe Biden threatened to withhold one billion dollars in aid from Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor named Victor Shokin. Shokin was investigating Burisma holdings. Burisma Holdings is the Ukrainian energy firm that hired Hunter Biden. Hunter had no experience in energy markets or Ukraine, and Burisma paid Hunter $50,000 per month. Joe Biden’s threat worked, Shokin was fired, the Burisma holdings investigation ended, Ukraine received its billion dollars, and Hunter pocketed the cash.

Joe Biden disappears for days at a time, refuses to answer reporters’ questions or discuss if, as President, Biden intends to end the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges, add four US Senators (DC and Puerto Rico), and end the electoral college.

The people and the media must demand that Joe Biden immediately: outline his policy intentions and address every issue and allegation found within the emails, photos, and videos found on his son’s computer—well, over a week of silence is unacceptable. Facebook and Twitter’s censorship of this blatant corruption and the media’s journalistic malpractice are crimes against democracy.

This is the biggest political corruption scandal of our lifetime.

Hunter Biden’s partners have recently “flipped” on Biden. Tony Bobulinski has come forward, verifying and confirming the influence scheme’s payment involving the Bidens and China. Bobulinski has provided hard evidence of extensive corruption with “foreign entities, including China”, and the media have not only ignored all of the evidence and the entire scandal, the media are lying about and attempting to cover-up this scandal. The corruption of the Biden family crime syndicate and its cover-up have permanently discredited the mainstream media, US intelligence services, and the oligarchs running Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, forensic evidence has proven this laptop and its contents belong to Hunter Biden. The documents on Hunter’s laptop have been independently verified as genuine.

Hunter’s laptop hard drive contained: emails, documents, pornographic photos, and videos, some of which were of underage girls. And yet, not one soul, from the FBI to Adam Schiff and the media, right down to Hunter and Joe Biden themselves, has denied the accuracy of any of the information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Instead, political partisans and the biased servile media quickly dismissed the biggest scandal and cover-up in US history as “Russian disinformation”. Fifty retired “intelligence officials” published a letter stating that everything found on Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation. Of course, these are the same intelligence officers that illegally spied on Americans for years, committed perjury by “lying about spying” during congressional testimony, and made up the story about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction that started a war—all lies.

These same operatives have a long history of lying to the American people. The propaganda campaigns and psychological operations currently being used against the American people are tradecraft hallmarks traditionally reserved for deployment on America’s enemies. It seems that these intel agencies have gone rogue and become Stasi-like—charged with silencing all dissent to the Democratic Party’s ideological framework; this is extraordinary. It is Orwellian. These fraudsters are guilty of the crimes they have claimed, without evidence, Russia and Putin have been guilty of for years. These operatives have partnered with the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and social media companies to manipulate the 2020 presidential election and ensure a Joe Biden victory.

The US Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Director of National Intelligence have debunked the “Russian disinformation” theory. DNI boss, John Ratcliffe, stated, “Russia disinformation is not behind published emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop,” adding that Congressman Schiff’s statements about Russian disinformation are “simply untrue”. The DOJ and the FBI both issued comments in agreement with the DNI’s assessment. They confirmed, “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.”

What’s worse than the repeated and false Russian disinformation claims is the mainstream media’s refusal to question Joe Biden or ask Biden questions about the biggest corruption scandal ever. It could get worse: If Joe Biden wins, Biden will likely resign in year one, and Kamala Harris, a person no one elected President, but Obama wanted, will be anointed President. Harris will then be entitled to appoint a radical V.P.

Facebook and Twitter have taken a page from the Chinese government’s playbook by censoring everything surrounding this scandal. Translation: Shut-up and obey your rulers. The people are no longer allowed to ask questions. The presidential debate committee has decided to mute the President’s microphone—enter George Orwell.

The New York Post’s Sohrab Ahmari has reported that Chinese nationals are working at Facebook to censor what news and stories Americans can see while downgrading conservative content. Is this a national security risk? Could Facebook employees also work for China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS)?

The censorship of news published by America’s oldest and fourth-largest newspaper by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube is egregious. It should outrage every First Amendment free speech advocate in the world. Objective journalists have been replaced with partisan political activists—activists posing as “journalists” to move forward political narratives and push the agendas of intelligence operatives without regard for the facts, evidence, or truth diminish democracy. Joe and Hunter Biden’s outright deceit, lies, and refusal to address any of these corruption claims along with the media censorship of fact-based news may mark the republics’ turning point—from democracy to dictatorship.

America needs freedom of speech. The current “China-style” censorship by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube is unacceptable. Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube may have purchased all of Washington DC’s corrupt politicians, but they do not own America and its freedoms and values.

The protections granted to the oligarchs of Silicon Valley under Section 230 should be stripped away immediately. Section 230 was intended to protect “neutral tech company platforms” from liability regarding content users posted on their platforms. Once Silicon Valley began censoring, editing, and allowing political bias to impact their publishing decision-making process, they lost the right to any protections afforded under Section 230. Facebook, Twitter, Google, et al have all become biased publishers; as such, none of these companies are “neutral platforms”—they are all publishers. Silicon Valley’s editorial practices warrant the Federal Commutations Commission’s (FCC) immediate elimination of Section 230, under the FCC’s statutory authorities. Social media companies need to be broken up and controlled by independent auditors and run as utilities, protecting the public interest in the free flow of information.

The media and social media’s wilful suppression of the flow of news, information, and free thought represents the biggest existential threat to freedom of speech, liberty, and democracy in a lifetime.

America is an empire in moral and economic decline, and the recent bias and Chinese-style censorship may not only be the final nails in its coffin. Still, they could foreshadow the darker road ahead that leads towards a civil war that ends with an oppressive dictatorship sold under red banners of the “Social Justice” and Marxist “BLM” movements.

With China’s help, the oligarchs of Silicon Valley have become our new overlords. Not only has China won the war against the West without firing a shot, but the West has also begun to mimic China.

Mitchell Feierstein is CEO Glacier Environmental Fund

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