Sunday 25 October 2020

Kicked off social media and a brief assessment

I have tried to post information about this latest data dump from Chinese dissidents who seem to have lost patience with the "process".

There appears to be a concerted effort not to allow this information to get out.  I had already been shut out of Twitter and now I have been excluded from Facebook for 24 hours

I hadn't seen a list of all my posts that they have removed own grounds of "community standards" until now.

 In my previous item on this question the link I provided has been BLOCKED and so is any attempt to provide a way to the material.  I have NOT looked at the video myself because I am disgusted with it, but I do think that people should be able to check the veracity for themselves.

All of this seems to point to a restriction on the internet itself, which is a very dangerous development. 

I am feeling that we have all the information we need on this.  At the same time I have a strong and sinking feeling that, like with the Hillary emails, the Epstein revelation this is the last we are going to hear of this because media like Fox News and, indeed Trump himself seem to have backed down and are not pursuing it.

I agree 100% with TruNews that sometime between Trump releasing the Lesley Stahl 60 Minutes interview, inviting Lt. Bobulinski to his debate and the event itself something happened that took all the fight out of Donald Trump.  Perhaps he was issued with some threat that induced him to back off.

Anyway, in my mind this is the end of all hope that there might be any justice. In effect, Trump has betrayed the whistleblower Lt Bobulinski as well as his friend and legal advisor, Rudy Giuliani.

We may as well acknowledge that the Untied States is totally corrupt and dominated by crime families, of which the Trump family is one.

What we might see from the elections is moot.  There may be a agreement amongst criminals (as in the Godfather), with a call-off of the forces ready to riot and take America into civil war - or not.

I am tired and beyond being able to predict anything.

In the meantime I strongly suggest listening to Friday's edition of TruNews. It is both sobering and edifying.

It resonates more than anything else I have heard.

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