Friday 23 October 2020


Hunter Biden Laptop Contains Alleged Sexual Abuse of Underage Chinese Girls, Video Used as Blackmail By CCP, According to Chinese Dissident’s Report

Jewish Voice,


In a recently uncovered shocking video which has circulated online for several weeks, an Anti-Chinese Communist Party dissident reported on September 24h about 3 hard drives which the CCP turned over to the department of justice and Nancy Pelosi

The video is part of a Chinese whistleblower network, and the show is called Lude’s Broadcast, many editions of these reports exist.

In the September 24th edition, the reporter claims: that 3 members of the CCP turned 3 different hard drives over to American officials.

According to the video,  Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong and  Meng Jianzhu made the move – provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America, and another copy to Nancy Pelosi.

He also claims President Trump also obtained a copy of these hard drives.

  • The 1st hard drive: sex tapes & pedophilia tapes of Hunter Biden, as well as his 4.5 billion dollars secret deal with Xi & Wang.
  • The 2nd hard drive: the allocation of Xi & Wang’s overseas wealth, and ‘the architecture & art project’, which is the information of their illegitimate children;
  • The 3rd hard drive: CCP’s bioweapon.

The reporter believes that there is some kind of internal friction within the Chinese Communist Party which led to the hard drives being handed over.

The video mainly talks about the 1st hard drive turned over to the US by CCP officials.

He goes into detail about a deal Hunter Biden made of around $4.5 Billion. This collaborates with a story from The Washington Times, which reported that  Hunter Biden was receiving a $10 million annual fee from a Chinese billionaire who has been accused of corruption and with whom he sought to increase the cash flow with joint business ownership, an August 2017 email from Mr. Biden shows.

This is actually mentioned in the Lude’s Broadcast, before the Washington Times article.

Washington Times reported:

The money was for “introductions alone,” said Mr. Biden, son of Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden. Another email to Hunter Biden from a consultant says that a 10% stake in an unnamed company will go to “the big guy?” The “big guy” was not identified.

Hunter Biden hooked up with the billionaire, Ye Jianming, chairman of the CEFC China Energy Co. conglomerate, during his father’s vice presidency.

Jianming is mentioned in the Chinese dissident report  The video is at the end of this article.

The most shocking revelations from this uncovered Chinese report come at around 2 1/2 minutes into the video when the reporter describes videos, featuring underage Chinese girls and Hunter Biden.

At 3:19 Lude is actually using Chinese words that describe “sexual abuse” depicted in the Hunter Biden videos, according to blogger Mike Adams of controversial web outlet Natural News.  A few seconds later, at the 3:32 mark, Lude describes the sex acts as “extreme abuse” of children, if a correct English translation were to be quoted. This implies violence and rape, and it confirms that the victims of the Hunter Biden sex acts were non-consenting.

The video is a little confusing but generally sticks to the 1st hard-drive which has the alleged explicit video and details of the deal made between Hunter Biden and Ye Jianming.

It is said in Lude’s report that the videos were turned over as a message to American officials that the CCP has the “goods” on Hunter Biden and is essentially a blackmail operation.

The reporter in the video implies that the CCP is counting on a Joe Biden presidency because Joe Biden is allegedly highly compromised because of the illegal activities Hunter Biden participated in:  mainly the alleged abuse of underaged Chinese teenagers, allegedly contained in this hard drive.

TJV was not able to verify the accuracy of the translation made available in the video but was unable to refute the general themes and topics touched upon.  We urge anyone reading, who speaks Chinese fluently, to help TJV verify the translation more accurately, to improve our reporting of this intriguing story.

Most interesting, this video from the Chinese dissident, came almost 3 weeks before the highly covered NY Post article about the Hunter Biden laptop left in the Delaware computer store, which also according to the Post, contained explicit photos and the now-famous emails between Hunter and Burisma oil executive Vadym Pozharskyi

The question remains, is this 1st hard drive mentioned in this Chinese dissident’s video, the same one from the Delaware computer shop? Lude also mentions emails detailing business meetings with Ukrainian and Kazakhstan energy companies, much like the NY Post expose.

Another interesting point:  Rudy Giuliani has put forward the extraordinary claim that the Chinese government has obtained explosive non-public emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop – which he says contains ‘illegal’ information which he helped push out and tried to get authorities to probe, reported by The Daily Mail.

Daily Mail reported:  Guiliani said ” I have to tell you – and this is very sensitive. The stuff that we’re in possession of contains 1,000 maybe more photographs that are highly, highly anywhere from inappropriate to illegal and have to be possessed by the Chinese government,’ Giuliani told former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon for his ‘War Room: Pandemic‘ podcast.

So, Guiliani had some information also regarding the Chinese government having possession of a Hunter Biden hard-drive.

There are layers of intrigue behind this story, which is indeed making an impact on the 2020 election. There are so many pieces to this puzzle and so much information which still has to be verified as this story develops

Here is this very interesting Chinese dissident video.

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