Tuesday 28 May 2019

Oroville Dam update - 27 May, 2019

The people that defend the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and say nothing is going to happen are like fetishists worshipping at the altar of an idol that is a piece of concrete.

This sort of infrastructure has a limited life (all the more so when there is corruption and neglect.

For these people experts like Bob Bea are like He-Who-Cannot- be named and totally ignored as with all the evidence on infrastructure in general and the state of the dam in particular.

One person even suggested that everything is as is should be because the rainy season ends at the beginning of May (sic). I wonder if they notice what is going on outside their window or have heard of climate change.

All the lakes in California are full to the brim and so the dam is going to overflow even if the spillway does hold up.

All the indications are that this is unlikely to be the case but we will know soon enough.

In the meantime there is something called the precautionary principle which is ignored every time by corrupt officials who would rather play poker with the affected public.

Whatever is built out of concrete is going to fail in the face of Mother Nature who can only be ignored at our peril for a certain length of time.

The trolls are all cretins.

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