Wednesday 29 May 2019

Controversy in the Doomersphere

There is a backstory to the making of this video.

For several days I have been unable to get onto my own blog site across browsers to post items and I have had to resort to innovative solutions.

This morning I recorded the video on Quicktime. Instead of saving it to my desktop I played it through. Once I had done that th computer became completely unresponsive. After 10-15 minutes of this I got Pam to film the process on my iPad and – hey presto – everything worked perfectly -and I managed to get my file onto my desktop. The moment after doing that it went straight back to what what it was doing before.

So we travelled up to a friend’s place to use her wi-fi. Everything worked (almost) perfectly and I was able to upload onto You Tube and from there onto my blog.

I am back home now,and working on the #2 computer.

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