Sunday 26 May 2019


A personal message and a request for donations
One of my readers kindly knitted me this wonderful cardogan. Unfortuantely the weather has been too warm to wear.

I have been active on this blog now for a little over 8 years. 

It has been somewhat of an inner compulsion to get out to people the TRUTH as I see it. As time has gone on the lies and the  censorship has got worse and worse until it has got so egregious that if Julian Assange disappears into a dungeon in the United States the blinds will come down permanently and all the freedoms that people still think we have will go up in a whiff of smoke.

Of course, if you keep your head down and swallow the propaganda and restrict yourself t sharing pictures of puppy dogs on Facebook you are unlikely to notice the difference...for a while.

Once there are sudden changes - say, if the Arctic ice melts or when we get serious food shortages as a result of crop failures (already starting) it will become impossible to hide in delusion and people on the street will panic.

I can feel rapid changes to my ability to do this which I will explain below.

I used to do this job for practically nothing - all it cost was my time.

Now it is costing me money AND NERVES.

I have had to fork out money for subscriptions for Soundcloud as well as for sources that are starting to charge or ask for money because they too, are struggling. 

Meanwhile, publications from the NY TImes, the Wall Street Journal and the Telegraph are going behind paywalls.  I am not preparing to pay good money to access propaganda - so that somewhat restricts things.

Mostly, I have been able to operate on very littlle but have had to buy computers as a sort of back-up. Right now, I am pleased that I have done that.

People have been very generous in donating money in the relatively rare cases that I have asked for help.

I am doing so again.

If you have some spare money to donate to this endeavour to keep it going for as long as the Powers-that-be will allow it, I would be very grateful.

You can donate (for now) using the PaypaI button on the right of the screen.

I am not getting any financial reward  for anything I am doing


For the last 2 days or so I have been practically unable to post onto my blog using the computer I bought just a few months ago as described below.

I described this on Facebook:

"I can say almost for certain that my new computer has been under attack, possibly because I have been using a VPN.

"I can go to my blog and read I CANNOT POST anything. Worst of all is Chrome but even in Yandex the message on the top right for selecting a new post does not appear.

"I started up my old computer and had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS and posted my video.

How am I to interpret this, especially the the context of a history of difficulties that NO TECHNICAL HELP OR NERD HAS BEEN ABLE TO HELP ME WITH.

P.S. Call me paranoid but I think I am getting a message from the Masters of the Universe that using a VPN will not help me. Yesterday turning off the VPN helped. Not today.

Probably the sort of help I need will come only from a hacker. The ordinary technical support folks seem to be ignorant and unable to help.

With the aftermath of the Christchurch shootings and now what is going down with the Assange indictments I strongly suspect the shutters are coming down.

To think otherwise, I think, is to be monumentally naive.

"At some point in the near future I suspect Fakebook will become just a place for exchanging pictures of puppy dogs.

When I tried to re-log onto my blog on Google Chrome after initial success and being interrupted mid-stream got this response:


I have been noticing just how warm conditions are in our own backyard but it is when I travel out to the farm where our horses are.

This is how things looked late-afternoon.

It has long struck me the lack of frosts here (except as an exceptional occurance) but what dawned on me looking at the pasture is the almost total absence of DEW in the grass.

Everything is very green and very warm. I am sure that if I was able to measre the soil moisture it would be very revelaing.

I made these comments at the time:

Today is a beautiful day and the sun is shining. However, we are days away from the onset of winter and the temperature on the picnic table ouside our door was just short of 18 degrees Celsius at 9.30 am.

Just try explaining to me that that is at all normal.

I shall just finish off by reiterating my call for donatons to keep this endeavour going against increasing odds.

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