Wednesday 22 May 2019

NOAA Weather Radar was OFFLINE Nationwide

As of posting the website appears to be up again

NOAA Weather Radar OFFLINE Nationwide! Cyber-attack?

21 May, 2019

All US Government weather radar across the United States seem to be "down" and no weather radar readings are available from government sources nationwide as of 9:30 PM eastern US time Tuesday.  
NOAA has not returned phone calls seeking an explanation for the nationwide outage but this comes just HOURS after the Secretary of State and the Acting Secretary of Defense Briefed both Houses of Congress about Iranian CYBER ATTACK plans!
Users can visit any of the NOAA weather sites and see the outage for themselves HERE or HERE
Thankfully, privately-owned corporate weather radar is still up and working fine.  Good thing too, with severe weather blasting the nation's mid-section.  Folks still have full information even if government web sites are gone for now.

P.S. It appears to be back up again (SMR)

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