Wednesday 29 May 2019

How George Papadopoulos was framed - in his own words

The Mark Steyn Show with George Papadopoulos

A special two-part edition of The Mark Steyn Show in which Mark talks with George Papadopoulos, the first Trump campaign member to plead "guilty" in the Mueller investigation. Mr Papadopoulos has set down his account of what happened these last four years of his life in a new book called Deep State Target - about how a Beltway think-tank wonk was set up as the "mark" of multiple high-level well-connected figures from America, Britain, Italy, Australia and elsewhere.

With yesterday's appointment of a new prosecutor, John Durham, to investigate the origins of the FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane" (the "counter-intelligence" operation that targeted Trump campaign staffers) the Papadopoulos story is more relevant than ever.

Part two

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