Friday 31 May 2019

A brief review of media headlines focusing on the NZ media "lies by omission"

NZ media – Distortion or 

news for Hobbits?

Julian Assange 'unable to talk properly' after dramatic weight loss in prison

Bolton Finally Backs Off Iran Escalation: It's "Not Over" But US "Deterred" Threat

Barr Strikes Back, Says Mueller "Could Have Reached A Decision If He Wanted To"

Pompeo: Iran Attacked Oil Tankers in Gulf to Raise Crude Oil Prices

This Spring's Flooding Crisis Is Part of a Bigger Pattern for the U.S.

China could use rare earth metals embargo to land killer blow on US defense industry

Trump slaps Mexico with 5% tariffs of EVERYTHING until it solves US immigration problem

This is what says is important.Have they made a mistake?  I had to go back and check and then pinch myself!

And here is Radio NZ's world news section and what they think is important for you to know.

Apart from Russiagate lies and Trumpophobia where are ANY of the real headlines?

They even accentuate their distortion of news with this item!!

Today's world news: what you need to know

To be informed you need to look beyond local media and look at headlines across the world, including alternative media.  RT comes a lot closer to what I consider important than anything across the corporate media, especially New Zealand media.

I don't know what the budget of the Duran is but in the field of politics and geopolitics they have a lot more to say than Radio NZ or any of the newspapers

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