Wednesday 29 May 2019

Interference on this blog

Ongoing problems on the blog

For several days I have been unable to get onto my own blog site across browsers to post items and I have had to resort to innovative solutions.

This morning I recorded the video on Quicktime. Instead of saving it to my desktop I played it through. Once I had done that th computer became completely unresponsive. 

After 10-15 minutes of this I got Pam to film the process on my iPad and – hey presto – everything worked perfectly -and I managed to get my file onto my desktop. 

The moment after doing that it went straight back to what what it was doing before.

So we travelled up to a friend’s place to use her wi-fi. Everything worked (almost) perfectly and I was able to upload onto You Tube and from there onto my blog.

I am back home now,and working on the #2 computer without too much problem.

From a week ago. to give an idea. It has got worse since then.

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  1. Im not an Apple user, but I noticed you seem to have am aweful lot of applications running. Some of those take up loads of memory, and thats probably the reason for most of your problems. You have several browsers running for example. They are the most egregious of the bunch. QuickTime is simply brutal. Are you able to easily shut down everything except for what you need?


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