Monday 26 October 2015

Ukrainians fighting with terrorists in Syria

Ukrainian radicals in NATO uniforms destroyed in Syria


Translated by Kristina Rus

Oleg Petrovsky

While pro-Kiev media compete with each other in the horrifying forecasts of the fate of Russia in its participation in the operation to destroy the "Islamic state", the world was stunned by the news of the appearance of Ukrainians among the terrorists.

The press service of the Defense Ministry of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) reported that in the liberated villages of Kafr- Azhus and Kafr-Delba were found the remains of two militants, sporting the symbols of Ukraine.

"A detailed study of the skin of corpses showed the presence on one of them of a tattoo on the shoulder of the right arm in the form of a stylized coat of arms of Ukraine, with an upward sword in the center"... "Dead militants were of European appearance. One had "straw" color hair, light blue (grey) eyes, fair skin with traces of old pigmentation on the shoulders, characteristic of one-two month old sunburn. The other had brown hair, bright blue eyes, light, not tanned skin, indicating his recent arrival to the region"...

The most notable is the fact that "both corpses had uniform of mixed type with a predominance of elements of NATO ground troops used in desert and semi-desert areas... On the left shoulder in place of the stripes they wore khaki chevrons, depicting the Trident amid a stylized bicolor flag with horizontal bands.

The environment in which these corpses have been discovered suggests that the militants wore their symbols openly, showing that they belong to the ethnic group of Ukrainians"...

Investigation about the circumstances of these specified findings have been started. But now "the analysis of the data showed the presence of openly operating Ukrainian militants in the ISIS terrorist group". 

"The situation is not conducive to peace on the Syrian land and undermines the trust built over the years. In addition, aiding terrorists by individual citizens of Ukraine, creates for this country a threat to national security, expressed in the possible export of extremist activity to its territory".

Well, I guess the fate of the two parts of the one Slavic people is closely connected, even if at the other "end" of the Earth they met facing each other...

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