Thursday 29 October 2015

Airlift of ISIS terrorists

ISIS militants airlifted by Turkish aircraft from Syria to Yemen, Saudi Arabia.

28 October, 2015

Turkish, Qatari and Emirati airplanes have transferred more than 500 ISIL terrorists from Syria to Yemen following Russian airstrikes on the terrorists’ positions, the spokesman for the Syrian Armed Forces said Tuesday.

Brigadier General Ali Mayhoub said two planes from
 Turkey, one from the United Arab Emirates and a fourth from Qatar transported 500 ISIL terrorists fleeing from the country following the Russian strikes to an airport in Yemen's port city of Aden. 

A spokesman from the Syrian Arab Army said on Tuesday that on intelligence reports state that on October 16th, four planes arrived in Aden Airport in Yemen, carrying terrorists from

He went on to say that upon arrival in Aden, the Saudi alliance officers divided them into three groups: one went to Bab-el-Mandeb strait, one to Ma’rib, and one to the Saudi regions of Jizan and Asir in order to join the alliance forces which had sustained great losses during their battles there, SANA reported.

The spokesman concluded that information indicates that the process of transporting ISIL terrorists from Syria will continue in the coming stage.

Russia launched its military operation against terrorists in Syria on September 30 upon a request from the Damascus government and since then Russian air force jet fighters have made several gains against terrorist groups operating in the country.

Agencies   27/10/15

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