Saturday 31 October 2015

The Americans that fight for ISIS

Yes, the following photograph has been photoshopped - but read on.

Now We Know Why ISIS Cover Up Their Hands and Arms

10 September, 2015

This ASTONISHING PICTURE has just been tweeted by British MP George Galloway; it’s astonishing because it exposes US troops posing as ISIS TERRORISTS…So there are obviously factions within the US military and government who are engaged in terrorism; it’s not difficult to see now how easily ISIS will enter into America; especially if there are those within her own military and government willing to facilitate the terror!!!

We are aware that this photo had been photoshopped to make a point, but not made by us. It states clearly who was promoting the photo.

Many countries have been arresting jihadists who have gone to Syria to fight with the terrorist groups. The Obama does not arrest them on return, but treats them as heroes.

Eric Harroun was not arrested when returning to the US, but died later of a drug overdose.

Eric Harroun was not arrested when returning to the US, but died later of a drug overdose.

Eric Harroun was one of a group of Americans that were fighting with the terrorists, was questioned and freed when he returned to the US. He later died of a drug overdose, so we were led to believe.

In the following video you will see Matthew Van Dyke who has been promoting the terrorist groups with his propaganda films. He has been in Iraq, Libya and Syria promoting the terrorist groups for the US.

He has been fighting alongside ISIS for his propaganda films and is now in Iraq again training Iraqi soldiers. He has been promoting Obama’s lies and is lying in the following interview to incite war and take over of a sovereign state.

Van Dyke still promoting the lies of the chemical weapons being used by the Government when it has already been proven to be US lies.

Van Dyke is nothing but a terrorist himself, as US Veterans would never support terrorists. Van Dyke is not a veteran but working for the US Government to incite war by propaganda.

US Veterans have had enough of the US supporting ISIL and Van Dyke mentions that the US have been funding the “moderate” terrorists long before Obama’s latest round of training and arming another 2,000
The following video shows the US Veterans speaking the truth. Real Veterans do not want to support terrorists, that Matthew Van Dyke is promoting.

Over the past 4 years the western media and Al Jazeera have been showing fake videos. continuously to justify another war.

We are interested in your views, that is why we have not taken down the photoshopped photo.

Keep the comments coming. If it wakes up people to the truth then it is doing it’s job.

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