Saturday 31 October 2015

More on John Key

The following is from an anonymous source and the information unsubstantiated for reasons that will become clear if you read on

Revelations about John Key

Via Facebook

From another friend of mine.

I researched JK a couple of years ago and his father was not a good man which is why he was raised almost solely by his mother because of his alcoholic Jewish father. 

It was during this research that I initially discovered various undisclosed information about JK. I had proof he was granted dual US citizenship in 1992 prior to returning to NZ to begin his political career here. 

He was not permitted to leave US until he agreed to an arrangement with US to reimburse the millions of dollars he indebted many US citizens with while working for Merrill Lynch which happened before he did what he did to Ireland. 

I have followed the recent banking industry court proceedings and have been hopeful they will be holding him accountable to Ireland which may happen as we all touch wood. 

Getting back to the US debarcle though, he agreed to reimburse all funds to US which is what his intentions have primarily been since beginning his political career in NZ which he has proven to exist in many ways throughout his years in particular as PM here. 

What I couldn't understand was how our own homeland security either didn't know or deliberately failed to expose his US dual citizenship to NZ citizens. I regarded this to be a US agenda to hide these details from us all and probably more global nationalities whom may/may not be aware or actually have for quite some time at their own discretion. 

I actually posted my research here and they were all deleted by administration. I then discovered that US have arrangements with ISP's here in NZ which blocked access to all my credible sources and even all my links and research that were actually stored on my PC were deleted somehow. It has been since then that I have only used as I am now a GSM cellphone without GPS and other chipset tracking features including a home based Internet connection which any ISP can track. 

I may sound like I am overreacting but for almost 2 years I have not posted comments on my profile page but have joined groups and posted on other people's pages.

 I do post photos and share information there but I do not use any Microsoft Operating systems on my computers nor use any Microsoft related services like email etc...

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  1. I knew about Keys dual citizenship, but wasn't too sure about what was behind it. I also researched his employment with Merril Lynch, and the shit he caused to Irelands economy. I didn't realise h owed the Americans so much money, but I guess that explains the American push behind the TPPA. This is how America is going to claim mors money from the New Zealand economy because of Keys fugazi while working for Merril Lynch. There has to be a connection between all of this, and Key has to be the link.
    This has to make him a fraudster, an embezzler, an enemy of the state to America, Ireland and New Zealand, not to mention a conspirator, a traitor and a treasonous bastard. God almighty, imagine if Key should face any such charges?
    Key needs to be held accountable to the law.


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