Friday 23 October 2015

Earthquake warnings from Durchsinse

We had a pretty good, shallow 4.4 jolt centred near Wellington last night.

10/20/2015 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- West Coast USA, Japan + Central America WARNINGS


EARTHQUAKE WARNING : Half the planet has moved in the past day on at least a M5.0 level.

On top of the past days activity, the past 7 days of M5.0 and greater earthquakes shows a giant Global fracture event underway.

Specifically, in the past 24 hours, a wave of earthquakes has now progressed across the WHOLE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE. An area 6,500 miles across has moved from the Indian Ocean to the tip of South America!

What is this leading towards? A larger event at the termination point of all this moving pressure?

Watch the forecast warned areas like a hawk, it appears something wicked this way comes (I sure hope I'm wrong).

(Graphic shows the past 7 days of M5.0+ earthquakes globally)

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