Tuesday 27 October 2015

Extinction Radio - Episode 31 10-25-2015

Extinction Radio featuring Interviews with Jenni Evans Ph.D. and Paul Beckwith Ph.D.

Extinction Radio Episode 31 10-25-2015 00:00 Rhapsody in Celtic Written and Performed by Gene Gibson 01:00 Introduction 03:10 Benjamin the Donkey 04:30 Jenni Evans Ph.D. Professor of Meteorology, Penn State University, specializing in tropical storms, talking about this year's Hurricane Season. (Interviewed by Ivey Cone) 51:00 Poet Laureates of Doom, Rex Eagle and Benjamin the Donkey 54:10 Gene's Gems featuring David Jacob-Strain playing Poor Boy Nobody's Fault 62:30 Paul Beckwith, Ph.D. Professor University of Ottawa, CA interviewed by Ivey Cone 72:53 Guy McPherson Ph.D. Q&A 80:30 Permaculture by Kathe Fish 86:08 Solomon Amuzu Insects and the Ecosystem 92:42 John Compost Cossham talking about his ethical dilemma about which fossil fuel to use to heat his house. 99:04 Gene's Gems – David Jacob-Strain playing Wild Bill Jones 014:34 Sam Carana Essay read by Debba Kale Ernshaw 107:20 Extreme Weather Report read by Ivey Cone 117:31 Signoff – Gene Gibson with Rhapsody in Celtic

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