Friday 23 October 2015

A presstitute put in his place

In view of today's speech well worthwhile reposting - to see a veteran BBC presstitute put in their place

Have you any common sense?’ – Putin Crushes BBC Journalist’s Stupid Questions

21 October, 2015

Is common sense severely lacking in mainstream Western journalism?

Russia’s President Putin found himself having to ask BBC journalist John Simpson if he has any common sense at all, as he pushed the establishment line that Russia is an aggressor in the world.

Putin contends that Russia is “standing up for its national interests“, and is visibly frustrated by the frankly ignorant questions that Simpson poses. Putin asks, “Why are you threatening us“, and “what business have they got there“, in reference to U.S. military bases throughout Europe.

He also notes that Russia’s annual military budget is a mere $50-78 billion, while the U.S. equivalent is around $575 billion before asking:

And you’re telling me I’m the aggressor here? Have you any common sense at all?

Despite this fact Russia still manages to trump NATO with the world’s best air defence system that it has now deployed in Syria, so what exactly is the Western military industrial complex doing with all that money?

Russia has massively embarrassed the West with its recent actions in Syria, refusing to hold back in its highly successful campaign against ISIS, so this move by the BBC joins other recent attempts to paint Russia as an enemy.

The following interview has been viewed, in total, over one million times, which is testament to how powerfully it really is:

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